last photo by dad
Vintage cape, beret and Doc Martens, AG jeans, Stylemint shirt, Rebecca Minkoff camera bag

Been back in Buffalo for spring break. I always enjoy coming back and reverting to them good 'ol high school days when we moved here. Only thing is, I wasn't such a patient person back then, so now I get to enjoy the spaces I never thought to explore when I was a youngin'.

My dad took me to the Buffalo Botanical Gardens, a beautiful spot if you've never been. Both of my parents are gardeners and flora enthusiasts, so almost every year of my life we've made trips to gardens and green houses. When I was a kid, my dad would bring his tripod so we could sit under ivy canopies to take annual family portraits that we'd send out. I got to venture around the damp, warm greenhouses and feel wrapped up in the beautiful smell of wet, life-giving soil and green leaves.

Anyway, sometimes the best part of these trips is observing all the different textures the natural world creates out of necessity. I thought I'd share some of my walk-through.

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