Choies cardigan, vintage blouse, AYR jeans, Everlane Belt, Renvy shoes, Super Fool's Gold Deluxe camera strap via #Nylon Shop

Very pleased I've been able to add some flair to my Minolta SRT 35mm camera; which only became mine after my dad exchanged possession of it by passing it on to me. This camera was my dad's when he was a photo student at the University of Rochester back in the 70's, and when I came to Parsons as a photo student, he handed it to me begging me to keep it safe and use it well. So for 4 years I've kept this thing as pristine as I've been able; to say the least, it's ridiculously important to me and I try to take it with me when I can afford film and development.

So yes, I can call this machine mine, but it's really both mine and my dad's. I see it as something of a legacy piece, but like a playing card stuck in the wheel spokes of a bike, I like to add some personal flair to the stuff I have in my possession, so this nifty leather 'n chain camera strap is 1000% my way of making the Minolta mine. Nylon Magazine has done an amazing job with their new shop by supporting some extra amazing designers and artisans originally found through etsy, and SFK is a brand that I've felt really drawn to for some time now, so to see them supported on such a cool platform is pretty great!

I'm really proud to be able to carry on the legacy of my dad's camera, and with a little personalization, it's cool to see how two generations can come together with one machine.

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  1. WOW i love your shoes so much! And as a fellow photographer I'm insanely jealous of that beauty :) I have a Minolta Maxxum (also a hand-me-down from my dad!) and it shoots some cool b&w film pictures. I'm still a toy camera kinda girl when it comes to film, otherwise I prefer digital. I highly recommend the "Sprocket Rocket" toy camera---gets some SERIOUSLY awesome double exposure panoramas :)

  2. That blue is gorgeous on you!
    Your camera is special indeed, I do miss film cameras!



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