Free People chiffon blouse, vintage scarf 'n boots, Walter Baker jacket, Everlane High-Low belt, Warby Parker Kimball frames, AG jeans

Some post-lecture schmoozing.
Been layering long, sharp lines atop loose basics after taking a cue to belt my outerwear รก la the YSL 2000 Fall collection. Belt of choice was Everlane's High-Low belt, an example of when good design goes really, really right thanks to minimal line and close attention to craft. I first heard about Everlane when my good friend Aude, who is an architecture student in Versailles, brought the site up on my laptop after listening to me moan and groan on about how I was having a hard time finding a belt that would just serve its purpose and look great. And boom, problem solved. Both of Everlane's belt designs are wonderfully minimal yet sophisticated, with excellent hardware and leather to boot. All while carrying through the brand's dedication to complete transparency when it comes to the manufacturing process of their garments and accessories. It's something I really, truly appreciate, and I think what they're doing is noble and good. Right on, Everlane.

In the meanby, isn't this scarf fun? This fringy vintage number was acquired a few years back, but it never came into heavy rotation until recently. I wasn't much of a scarf+daytime clothing kinda person, but I think this adds some great texture and color, especially with light bouncing everywhere with the snow, no?

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  1. Absolutely love the boots and scarf! You have some great vintage finds :)

  2. love the scarf tucked in the belt! nice styling touch!



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