Vintage dress, bag and boots, Express tights, Mango coat and turtleneck, Karen London Stand Back Ring

That's it, finals are over, time to have some fun.
This is my last winter break ever. Ever, ever, ever, ever in the history of ever- by this time next year, I'll be doing some kind of job-career-y-type thing, and I'm scared out of my wits for when I have to get all of that sorted out, But for now, I plan on having some adventures, making some silly things and all the while, reflecting on it all and envisioning where I want all of this to take me.

So why not revert back to being a kid?
Speaking of, I'm pretty sure this was once a kid's dress. It's clearly home made; I bought it at No Relation, a local East Village rag house-sourced vintage store that tends to have some decently priced vintage stuff, and boy do they got a lot of it. The boots 'n bag were Etsy finds. One of these days I'll have to give a break-down of my whole online strategy, because I just gotta share some of the weird stuff I come across sometimes...

I shot these at the almost-always-empty playground off avenue C near my apartment. I love shooting in there, pretty much nobody bothers me with my tripod and the light is insane when you get in there at the right time of day. You can also get a delightful glimpse of the Con Edison power plant in the background (didja see my instagram from today? Them smoke stacks are nuts, right?), which gives it this weird apocalyptic grandeur. Once I get my funds in order, I'll be shooting more film over the break; in fact, I'm thinking of turning our bathroom into a dark room for some pin hole camera projects. After looking into the work of Barbara Ess, I've been itching to make some odd, lucid scrappy photos, so expect some nonsense to start falling out of my head and onto a post or three.

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  1. absolutely love your bag! so cute

  2. beautiful! love your bag & bench shots :)



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