Bless This Mess






-Bedside ephemera-
+ When I went away to college, my dad insisted I get this oldschool lookin' black and chrome buckle trunk. I love this thing, it functions as my bedside storage for unseasonal clothes and tabletop
+ I collect these hand shaped porcelain ashtrays from Occupied Japan. They were popular in the 20's-40's and I can't help but find them eerily charming
+ Friends leave their Bic lighters here all the time, so of course I've accumulated something of a handful of a collection. I use 'em for my incense and candles
+ There are also two antique perfume bottles, the black one keeps my By Boe x De Lune bangles

- On the opposite side of the trunk, I use a milk crate from Queensborough farms to elevate a few things. I'm from Queens, so I gotta represent somehow.
- The opposite side has more crystal orb/mystical stuff; I tend to burn a bunch of incense and those prayer candles from Mexico for luck
-  A brass deer head with encircling antlers holds my bangles and bracelets
- Pretty much stuffed this space to the gills, but knowing me, it'll only get more complicated 

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