Like Wearing Air






Reformation tee, vintage sweater, Rich & Skinny jeans (I added the knee holes), Seychelles boots, Calvin Klein bra

Being back in my adolescent home means back in the attic, where this blog began.

To me, dressing in the winter- or dressing well rather, is a matter of careful, thoughtful layering. I acquired this totally amazing disintegrating tee shirt from the Reformation sample sale earlier this summer, and I'm absolutely in love with how incredibly delicate it is. There's something elegant and noble about wearing something that reminds you of how fragile and truly material things are. You could say it's an existential garment.

Anyway, although it's gorgeous, it's the closest thing you can come to wearing nothing, so I've been using it as a little textural additive. Under a sweater with some boots has done nicely.

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  1. that t shirt is actually awesome! loved your thoughts behind it




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