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Vintage cardigan & jacket, Stylemint shirt, Silence + Noise jeans, Elizabeth & James heels, Bonlook sunglasses, Drawn & Quartered nameplate necklace, other necklace with random trinkets

When I can't think of what to wear, I usually look to La Garconne for some styling ideas. I even have the site bookmarked; their trademark black bow icon decorates my dashboard ever so lovely and draws me in when I can't envision how to wear a thing or two.

What's great about La Garconne (which, as a word, is a cheeky french term for a girl who is something of a tomboy, but more femme) is that they provide images of styled looks along with the pieces they have in their catalog, so if you see a dress you like, you can click on the alternate views to see how the folks at the HQ have styled the piece themselves. Everything is very effortless, the pieces stand out while looking as if they were still assembled very quickly. So, while I was on the prowl for ideas, I stmubled across this Toga Pulla jacket/cardigan combo and was like, holy hell that looks great! But, as I'm sure y'all can guess, I don't got $1,105 layin' around, so I improvised my own version with my favorite vintage leather jacket and an oversized 80's cardigan. Worked out pretty well, only next time, I'll probably wear the jacket zipped up.

Speaking of next time, I've got a little interview/collab with my dear friend Jake coming up. Jake is the brains behind his insanely delicious jewelry line Drawn & Quartered. I'm wearing a specially designed name plate necklace here, but before I delve into how awesome this piece is in my next post, I wanted to let you guys know that my readers get 20% off D&Q name plate necklaces until Nov. 25th with promo code DELUNE20

Figured I'd let y'all know ASAP :]

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  1. I love these shoes very, I mean VERY, very much!

    Olya from TLV Birdie

  2. Perfect fall look!

    xo Jennifer


  3. Nice look, love your shoes.

    Thanks for your comment.
    If you want to follow me, do not hesitate to subscribe to my blog.
    Very soon.



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