De Lune x By Boe Collab II First Looks: The Pendulum Necklace



Quite excited with how this necklace came out. Annika of By Boe and I centered the second part of our collaboration around notions of direction, so the designs of our pieces were inspired by the tools that aid in navigation; pendulums and compasses. I really wanted something that could be worn backwards or forwards, and so Annika came up with this reversible collar necklace with a needle "pendulum" pendant. The thin wire collar is practically whisper thin when worn in the front (you can barely see it in the photo on the right, for example), and the hanging charm creates a straight line reminicent of a road or path.

I love wearing this piece with something backless (of course), but I also enjoyed how it emphasized the long back of this sliced tee when I wore it backwards, following the movement of the free fabric. Layering this piece is going to be fun too, the combination of the long pendant with the high collar blends two contrasting proportions together, which mirrors the anatomical connection of the head to the spine.


De Lune x By Boe necklace (Available in Sept.), Cheap Monday shirt, Asos stetson, vintage pants and clutch

Hope you guys like it too! 
This piece along with the others (more to come!) will be available in September.

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