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From top to bottom: (1) Otrera evil eye scarf, Silver ring bought in London, vintage eye pendant, street vendor'd bracelet, eBay eye + ear cuff, Datter Industries ring (2) A pair of (probably ) Greek marble and bronze eyes from the 5th century B.C. (taken at the Met, more here) (3) Otrera scarf (4) wearing a vintge pendant wit my Cheap Monday Sonya backless shirt (5) Datter Industries ring that I wear every day

My Instagram is piling up with eye photos!

For as long as I can remember, I've been obsessed with eyes as symbols. It all started with my   fascination with ancient Egypt when I was little. I would see the the practically omnipresent Eye of Osirus over and over again in my dozens of books on Egyptian art, and then later on, I would come to notice some form of it throughout all ancient (and modern) cultures. It would pop up again when I started reading about psychedelic culture and the 60's & 70's, and it moved on into punk culture and goth culture and so on..

While I'm focusing on art history, anthropology & fashion culture in school, I find myself thinking more and more about the things I love to wear and why I choose to wear them. Evil eyes have been woven into the fabric of communication and symbolism since Ancient Egypt, moving in its meaning all the way up to modern rock culture and beyond. There's just something so amazing about that.

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Flow & Frost













(Second-to-last shot taken from the Lulu Frost insagram, last one from mine own)
Persol sunglasses, Forever 21 blouse, Winter Kate robe, vintage Levis shorts, Rebecca Minkoff bag, Candela shoes, Lulu Frost Plaza necklace

A stupendously packed day of appointments started out with a blogger breakfast over at the Lulu Frost studio & showroom, which set the day off right for sure.
Getting to reunite with Lisa Salzer's Power collection since I sat in on the campaign shoot in February, was wonderful. Everything from the looping serpent bracelets to the dark and wonderfully sparkly lucite baubles were just as cool and gorgeous as I remembered. Getting to see everything alongside pals Rachel, BryantNicole, Freddy, Taisa, Elle and the fashion head at Tumblr, Valentine, made things even sweeter.

After breakfast, Freddy and I headed out to chills and bounce around the city before watching Coco Rocha speak at Model Lounge about her blog with the Tumblr Fashion crew. Let's just say, she's awesome and I'm a dork. While we were out beforehand, Arrojo was set up over at Caravan Studios, which is where I was able to get my hair braided to save me (along with opting to just wear outer layers tied around my waist) from the heat. 

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Vintage blouse & Gap vest, Sheinside skort, Shoemint boots, Pour La Victoire satchel, Warby Parker Auteur sunglasses

Out 'n about with pals JustinBonnie and Aude for food & catch-ups, perfect day for it too considering how this past week was practically nothing but rain!

I picked up this great blouse not too long ago, I love the little details coming from the hardware and stripes. It's a great thing to just throw on with jeans and boots, but I decided to play up the blue & green stripes by pairing it with this great fold-over shorts situation. This wool skort reminds me of that squared silhouette we saw again and again on the fall 12/13 runways (especially at Proenza Schouler), and I'm having fun experimenting with it for sure. I'll probably end up wearing it in the Fall with darker colors, tights and a tailored jacket.

ph. Justin

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Cheap Monday tee, Quiksilver button-down, DIY'd vest, Asos jeans, Wanted creepers

Just back home from another round in the Hamptons at the StyleCaster mansion with Rebecca Minkoff!
The morning I headed out to Long Island, I rediscovered a black jacket buried in the back of the closet. Loved the simple, kinda biker-edgy design, but the sleeves were too big and long. In 5 minutes, it was a vest and I threw it on before grabbing my suitcase and heading out the door. Expect to be seeing this one more often, it was perfect for chillin' around the house.

Of course I also had to wear these SICK alphabet print jeans. Definitely one of my favorite things in my closet, I love how the print is a little subtle with the lines of letters looking more like stripes when you step back.

Being back in the Hamptons was wonderful, expect more shots soon!

ph. Kim
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New Staple



Vintage blouse, Leifsdottir bag, Silence & Noise jeans, Superdry belt, byboe necklace, Warby Parker Auteur sunglasses

Super classique. This sort of thing might as well be my uniform.
I nearly fell over (literally) when I saw this blouse. We all have those moments when you see something intriguing hanging in the back of a store and must look at it immediately. You just get a sort of sartorial tunnel-vision and charge full-force at the item in plain sight. Unfortunately for me, when I saw this blouse in my favorite Buffalo Exchange in the East Village, I went for the blouse without seeing the three girls I was about to cross paths with and cause a lot of dropping and nearly tripping.

It was all worth it though, because this is my dream blouse.
It's so simple yet totally unique. Aside from the obvious cool thing about it (hellooooooo built-in air conditioning), it's got this great, loose shape that I just tuck into pants and let gather around carelessly. And when not tucked in, it is long and looks great with a belt at the hip. Super easy, I can see myself wearing this a ton once Fall classes roll around...

ph. Aude Soffer

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Naked Label Galaxy and UFO necklaces, Ecote bandeau, vintage Oscar de la Renta blouse, thrifted Gap pants & vest, Cooperative sandals, Remi & Emmy satchel

'Twas an afternoon of general silliness and photos with Nat & Zooey.
I love referencing vintage photographs when I can't think of anything to wear in the summer. 40's-style high-waisted pants, a bandeau and a scarf wrap in your hair is probably one of the most glamorous things you could throw together on a really hot day. I kind of took a grunge spin on that and finally got to wear out this carefree fringe bandeau with my favorite linen Gap pants. I also got to break out these AWESOME other-worldly necklaces from Naked Label, I love the mix of textures and elements when you wear them together.

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Collab//De Lune x Vanessa Mooney








This. I don't even know where to begin on this, but it has to be one of the most exciting things to happen to me since I started blogging! Let me introduce you guys to the Sacred Heart Medallion Necklace.

About 6 months ago, I got an email from the vivacious, lovely, insanely inspiring and all-around amazing Vanessa Mooney. She asked me if I wanted to collaborate on a piece that would make the world a little more awesome. Of course before you could say "Holy crap" I was already bouncing emails back and fourth with her, discussing inspirations and our favorite charities to give a portion of the proceeds of our design to.

We decided to create a necklace inspired by Mexican milagros, which are folk charms that are used for healing and protection, and the symbol of a sacred heart, which Vanessa designed herself. The sacred Heart is one of my favorite symbols not only because of its powerful shape, but also becauseit transgresses many cultures as a symbol for strength, spirituality and passion. I couldn't be more excited about it, the faceted pearls make the piece precious and wonderful when contrasted with the strong medallion, but the best part has to be that 10% of the proceeds from each sale of the necklace will go towards Artists for Human Rights (AFHR), which is a non-profit organization that is committed to upholding the Declaration for Human Rights through creative expression and artistry.

I hope you guys like 'em! If you'd like to get your hands on one of these beauts, head on over here.

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I'm crazy for these super chic & minimal headphones. I bought them a bit back and almost always have them on me. The sound is pretty standard-nothing-special, but they're solid enough and nice for taking a stroll or playing games on the train, plus they look super cool as a necklace.

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Valrouge dress, Jonathan Simkhai tee, Vintage Oscar de la Renta button-down, Asos hat, Dolce Vita boots, vintage Coach bag, ByBoe bangles, Salon Effects Lust-Rous nails c/o Sally Hansen

A stroll in the shade in grungy basics. It might be super hot out, but I've been keeping a long-sleeved shirt tied around my waist and on hand for when I step onto a VERY airconditioned train or restaurant. It also keeps things from being too boring. 

Before I went out, I literally took 5 minutes to give myself a quick manicure with Salon Effects nail strips because I'm a ridiculous klutz when it comes to painting my nails (especially in this heat). I love the Lustrous— the galaxy-esque black & glitter combo, it really is like jewelry for your hands! With all the sparkle, I kept my jewelry minimal and easy, just enough glitz for sure.

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