Sienna Ray & Co. bag (c/o), Juicy Couture sweater (c/o), Rag & Bone pants, Dolce Vita boots, Vintage jacket, Corpus shirt, Karen London Piper ring (c/o) 

LauraChristinaJustin & I took some time out in the L.E.S. for tacos and shenanigans a few weeks back. I've been dying to find a warmer version of this cargo jacket because it's always a go-to piece for layering, but it's no warmer than a layer of phyllo dough unless I wear something heavy underneath it like this Juicy sweater (which has been SUCH a godsend. It's made from wool so it's a little itchy, but it's quite warm).

I was finally able to meet Natalie, the designer behind Sienna Ray Co, and she is just as awesome as her line of bags. She's so full of energy and an absolute doll, so I gotta represent!
She opened up a pop-up shop in the Lower East Side earlier this month, and she has decided to keep it open till January 31st! So if you're in NYC and you ever find yourself around 252 Mott street, you should totally pop in! Heyooo!
 Maybe I'll see ya there.

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  1. That sweater looks AMAZING even if it is a little itchy haha

    xo ohsokatieli

  2. Love your layers!

    xo Jennifer

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  4. Awesome casual + cozy look.


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