Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent jacket (c/o), Quiksilver button-up (c/o), Big Star coated jeans (c/o), vintage boots, Asos hat (similar), Bodhi bag (c/o), Byboe necklaces

There's this playground on the outskirts of my apartment complex that I never see people in. After a year living of so close to it, I've barely seen anyone use the playground or baseball fields at all, so every once in a while I'll sit on a bench & do some reading or my friends and I will use the swings like responsible twenty-year-olds.

Did you ever have a dress or a pair of shoes or a coat that you LOVED to wear as a six year old? That piece of clothing that your parents only let you wear on "special occasions" that you just wanted to dress-up in and wear everyday? This coat totally reminded me of those good 'ol days. Much like the glittery mary janes that my mom only let me wear to my uncle's wedding and not to school when I was eight, I've been DYIG to break this jacket out all season. It was still on the warmer side, but as soon as I saw them clouds this morning, that sucker was getting worn out the door. Cynthia Vincent makes the greatest jackets & blazers, I swear, and this guy is no exception. I love gaudy faux fur coats, but this has a 70's-glam flavor to it, so I had to give it a little edge.

I've been really digging this Bodhi bag too. Drawstrings are usually kinda hard for me to style, but this piece has really great hardware to go with the paneled leather & calf hair. Not to mention enough pockets to keep my stuff organized for class. All in all, it was a ready-for-anything kind of ensemble for a day that started i class & eded up in the playground with a George Harrison twist, I guess.

PSST- That eye necklace I'm wering is a part of my upcoming collaboration with Byboe! They're still in the works & not out yet, but I'll keep you guys posted!!

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  1. This is perfect!

  2. OBSESSING over that jacket . . . nope scratch that . . . the whole look!!! from the amazing jacket & hat to the booties & rings- each item on it's own is fantastic! but together the whole look is show stopping!!!!

    xo. c & v
    cake & valley

  3. love the fur coat! perfect for fall!

  4. In love with the jacket, hat and boots!

  5. So much ATTITUDE! I love it!!!

  6. FIERCE fur coat!!

  7. GReat photos, very new york fall. Wish we could get rid of the summer..:/

    xx from Tel Aviv

  8. eeeek i'm obsessed with your fur coat. the colors of your whole ensemble are so rich and perfect for autumn! hair envy. did i mention i'm loving your blog?



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