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This, you guys, is what awesome looks like.
Let me introduce you guys to ADEEN, an accessories line designed by my friend Rembrandt "Remy" Duran, a born and bred New Yorker with a penchant for all things dope as hell. Last week, he asked me to be a part of his catalog shoot with some of the coolest people in his crew.

I met Remy something like two years back at an event for Levi's. He was wearing a snapback hat of his own design, fangs and all. I came to learn that his pieces were not only fun and imaginative, but incredibly inspired with tons of attention to detail. His acrylic jewelry, snapbacks, plushie pins and knit hats all have a specific story behind them, totally intertwined with Remy's childhood and his experiences in the fashion world. His pieces have been featured, well, pretty much everywhere (and more). Let's also talk about how he has managed to do this at age 21 and how his pieces are  handmade. Boom. Roasted.

The shoot for the catalog took place at Chelsea Piers on a day that happened to be one of the hottest ever in my freaking life. It was a whopping 100ยบ F out in the sun and as luck would have it, my face turned beet-red from the heat in about 10 minutes. Fitting though, because getting to meet Andrej made me totally star-struck and even more red from embarrassment. Andrej is SO GORGEOUS you guys, like I can't even, and of course a total dream in front of the camera. And super nice. Like, what the what. I also met Lafayette, who is beyond cool, from her tats to cute as ever personality she's totally kickass. She also makes these totally dope shirts (some of which glow in the dark), and studded platform sneakers that will make you say whaaaaat. So yeah, get on that. I was able to get a few behind-the-scenes shots before my camera and I died from the HEEEET though thankfully.

Such a cool experience though, can't wait to share the photos when they hit!

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  1. WHOOAAA...LOVE THE HAT! After a few minutes I realized it says, meow. :D
    These hats are AWESOME! LOVE THEM! ♥ Pretty genius :D
    I als loove the swag necklace ♥, love the pic of your hand shadow with the bracelets ♥

    LOOOVE THIS POST CLAIRE! I sensed the awesomeness by just looking at the first pic :D I really love this guys creations, and i'm impressed all that he has achieved at such a young age, 21, wow & hand made! ♥ I'm sure he'll only get better. :D And I saw the pic of Andrej, and jesus....I thought it was a female, until I read it was Andrej and I was like....ohhhh god....HE LOOKS SOOO GOOOD! LOL He still blows my mind of how feminine his face looks. He is without a doubt the BEST androgynous model there is out there ♥

    Can't wait to see more pics :D


  2. I am pretty much set on visiting the site after this post! I absolutely love the hats and the necklaces. I can't wait to see what else they have on their site!


  3. Love the behind the scenes shots, looks like fun! :)

  4. OMG i loooooooove him!!! such a gorgeous guy and he always seems so nice in interviews..amazing post!!



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