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Tops: Vintage Perry Ellis top/thrifted Gap vest, La Petit Marmoset Vintage cold shoulder top, 3.1 Philip Lim blouse

I've been a huge fan of By Boe for a long time. Ever since I first heard about the brand's beautiful stacking rings, I was hooked. Designer Annika Salame beautifully balances form, color and texture in all of her pieces. Every design is 14k gold filled, sterling silver and/or crafted out of leather, each a perfect harmony between the natural world and the workshop.  Annika is also a Parsons graduate, so her work feels very close to home (or school, rather).

To spread the love, I've teamed up with Annika to offer two my readers the chance to win 1 of 2 jewelry collections:

1. Octet necklace & Wire Curve earrings.
Two favorites and classic By Boe designs. I love how perfectly simple (and layerable) this necklace is, while the earrings are absolutely gorgeoust and filament thin, they almost blend in with your hair! I love how subtle they are and how they perfectly reflect the curves of the body.

2. Hardware bangle set, Leather coil bangle set & Luxe Leather ring
Annika's gold work is absolutely beautiful, these bangles have a little knot that serves as their only ornamentation, subtle and beautiful. These leather pieces are part of the newest collection, the leather is hand crafted and sealed with gold detailing. Absolutely gorgeous and edgy beautiful!

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1.Follow By Boe on Twitter and Tumblr and Like them on Facebook.
2. Comment below with whatchoo want, jewelry box 1 or 2

Bonus: If you follow (@ClaireGeist) and tweet at me which jewelry set you love, I'll give you another entry!

Giveaway ends next Thursday, March 15th at Midnight! Good luck everyone!

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Kate Jones said...

I love box 1! <3 Isn't bloglovin' the best?? :)

Meta Hillmann said...

wow, the second jewelry set is gorgeous! would definitely love to have those!!!

erin couture said...

oohhh I love set 2...mainly because I don't have pierced ears. But you're totally right in that the ring is one hell of a statement piece!

amy said...

i'm so torn...but after much thought i think i would go with the first set!
mulberriesdream at gmail dot com

La Petite Marmoset said...

Love your closeup shot of the snakeskin top, looks great on you Claire! I would have to go with the first set :)

Ana said...

Following you on Bloglovin' & following BB on Twitter, Tumblr, and FB!

I would LOVE the second set of beautiful jewelry! So gorgeous!! I'm dying to style these!


Tricia said...

Well, I don't have a Twitter or Tumblr account, but I follow you via Bloglovin' and liked By Boe on facebook! I like both sets, but maybe I prefer set 2 slightly more.


hillary said...

hey, i prefer the set 1 is just delicate and simple it can complement any outfit, don't you think?

WearAbouts said...

jewlery box two would be awesome! thanks for great giveaways, again and again! :)
Follow me on CHICTOPIA

Caroline said...

Number 2! Love that ring.

Chiharu said...

box 2 (: thank you !

Kristen Lam said...

Done, done and done!

Jewelry box 2 please! Literally will die if I win.

Tweet ya later, girl!


Jane B said...

Done and done! I'm loving jewelry box 1


Michelle Smyth said...


Set 2 please :)


g.dellea said...

Everything done :)

box 2 is fantastic!
thank you!!


lttlgucci said...

please gimme gimme gimme set #2!!! the set is perfect!! love the bangles!! would definitely wear everyday!!!

Natalya said...

I particularly like set two, not only because I don't have pierced ears, but also because it's beautiful. Thanks for such a great giveaway!

Natalya said...

I follow By BOe on Twitter and Tumblr, as well as on Facebook. Thanks!

giakaylee29 said...

i love set 2!

Kate Jones said...

I am LOVING box 2!!! mostly because I dont have pierced ears... but those bangles!! AH! LOVE!!

g.dellea said...

I tweet you :)--> another entry!

box 2 is fantastic!

Giulia Dellea

cosette said...

I love box#2!!!! I love bangles

dalsee said...

Oooo, by boe is beautiful, jewelry box number 1.

M said...

Jewelry Box 1, please!

Piia said...

Jewelery Box nr 2 would be beyond fantastic to win :)
pounpuu at gmail dot com

https://girlski said...

I love et number 2.

girlskickass said...

I love et number 2.

BrooklynStewart said...

Set number 2 is fantastic!

Danielle Villano said...

Amazing! I follow you on Bloglovin! I don't have a Tumblr but I followed By Boe on Twitter (@daniellevillano) and FB (Danielle Villano). I adore Box 2! Those bracelets are gorgeous! :)


Emma said...

Ohh, I am loving set 1. Those earrings are so unique!


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