Ph: Guang Xu

Ciel sweater (thanks, Nat), Forever 21 blouse, 7 For All Mankind jeans, Alexander Wang heels, Remi & Emmy bag, Lulu Frost Double Sawtooth bracelet mixed with various random goodies, Plukka Bullet ring, Jenny Bird coin ring, Accessorize tri-ring

A late afternoon in Brooklyn with some peeps. Guang finally took me to Nha Toi, this outstanding Vietnamese joint in Williamsbrg. We ordered up some pork belly banh mi, pho (duh) and sumer rolls. I would show you some photos, but we kind of inhaled everything before I had the chance to take some really good ones. My appetite waits for no one, except maybe a little artistic integrity. Moving on...

So Nat gave me this sweater, it's goofy as hell but I love it. It's warm and has polka dots. Done. I also donned these amazing 7FAM floral jeans from their spring '12 collection, I'm usually kind of picky when it comes to prints on jeans, but these are really great for layering since the print is so small yet varied. AND of course, I wore out my new (kinda) Alex Wang heels. I'm set for spring now. If you look closely you can see the iridescent detailing along the base of the shoe, gotta love it.

And of course, special thanks to everyone who entered last week's By Boe giveaway! 
Our winners are Jane B. and Gia K. (I've sent y'alls emails, congrats!)

But the giveaways don't stop here! Notice the finger candy I'm donning? That's Plukka's bullet ring for their "Razor Mittens" collection, an awesome mix of edginess and sleek design. It also doubles as a weapon, which is pretty nifty. Plukka is a really amazing shopping platform for getting your hands on some insanely beautiful fine jewelry for way less than usual (like, 70-90% less than usual). They're actually running a Facebook giveaway right now where you can get your hands on your own bullet ring. Just like 'em and enter here :]

Good Luck!

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The Fancy Teacup said...

Totally spellbound by the pattern of your pants, all the bracelets, and that bullet ring! Wow!

devil's in the detail. said...

that jumpers absolutely adorable!

Candy said...

love ur alex wang heels with the 7fam jeans! really nice combo :)


Kelly said...

best pants eeevvvveeeerrrr!!


WearAbouts said...

Love the "Wang" heels! Great printed pants :)
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Rachel said...

i really love this claire-- your shoes are to die for! x

Estherina said...

Love the combo of prints!

Step into Estherina's World

Mica said...

Love your arm party - great bracelets! And really like your polka dot sweater :)

Natali said...

Love this combo! Jeans are just superb!!

The slow pace said...

I don't know why but you this look reminds me of Berlin!!!

Tribute to the Tribe said...

I love your look from head to toe especially the sweater and pants ♥
xoxo from Paris

Collections said...

Absolutely beautiful, I love this whole outfit.


Angel Court Jewels... said...

This is going in my favorite category! Love, Cheers Angela


I love this combination! The pants are so awesome!

Eugenie said...

J'aime chacune des pièces,mais pas le tout ensemble même si je trouve que cela te va bien.

Aquamarine said...

This look reminds me of fun-fetti cupcakes... I was just baking cupcakes... Very fun!

Rachel said...

So those are kind of amazing jeans! The pattern is too much fun. Also I'm horribly jealous that you ate pho, I love it so much but there's no where close to me to get some

Niviarsiaq said...

I'm usually not one for printed pants but you are so totally rocking yours that I might have to reconsider :)
And I didn't notice the iridescent bit on the shoes before but I am loving it!! Makes them pop. What a find!

stylista said...

I love your outfit! The jewelry compliments it so well also!

Katie's Bliss said...

In LOVE with your floral jeans! I need to find me a pair ASAP!

DelbaMé said...

awe.some. jeans. Are they comfy?! I'm inlove with them. Great Alexander Wang heels, too.

compradora anonima said...

Love the sweater

SeraPè said...

Wow!!! Love this outfit :D

Rudy said...

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