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Zara leather jacket, Stylemint shirt, vintage maxi, sunglasses & bag, Cheap Monday angle heel boots, Eddera olive branch ring, Accesorize Silver tri-loop rings, belt stolen from my dad (thanks, Pops!)

And oh, how lovely it's been!
Sometimes I forget I live in Manhattan. I grew up in Queens, which is a much, much different borough on the other side of the Hudson. I grew up in Woodside, which is a mostly working-class neighborhood with a really amazing cultural heritage and architectural history (the apartment complex I grew up on was a huge park in the earlier half of the century!). Woodside is sort of half-residential-half-urban, so it was really quiet at home, but if you were to walk a few blocks up, there would be shops and restaurants for blocks and blocks.

Now I live in the East Village and it's fantastic, but daunting sometimes. It's infinitely more lively and, well, it's Manhattan! I forget I'm in the same city I'm from! If you grew up in another borough, you always referred to Manhattan just as "the city", which has a sort of  an at-arms-length kind of feel to it, like it's the only city. You only came here if you had a good reason to, y'know, work or play, but you made a day out of it, like it was an event. Being able to go to school in the city has really helped me see all of New York City in a different light (no pun intended, given the photos) and I guess I'm rambling here, but the point is, I've been living in my current apartment complex for about six months and I never come down by the water! It's a block away and I guess I forget I have access to it because I'm still not used to it!

I wore out my new leather jacket. This is a milestone because I have never had one, and I bought this cherry red number myself after months of stalking it. MONTHS. Totally worth it though, I might not be a badass, but I can tell myself I am when I wear this thing. It was a chill day so I kind of threw on this crazy awesome wicker bag since it's a little different and funky when worn with something as simple as what I had on. My room mate Jenny, who is studying photo at Parsons, took some shots as we reacquainted ourselves with our area.

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  1. The pictures are gorgeous! And I am in love with this outfit!

    Step into Estherina's World

  2. Beautiful leather jacket and a very interesting bag!

  3. that bag is SOOO COOL <3 I love the silhoueette of that maxi--looks slimming and wonderful on you! <3

  4. love the leaf ring! reminds me of the Romans. you have such a tiny waist! belting the skirt looks great

  5. You look like a goddess in that skirt! And the lighting is incredible. x

  6. Stunning Jacket! I love the rich color!

  7. I used to go running/Biking down there. Can't wait to go back, The jacket is great! reminds me of fall :]

  8. Love that red leather jacket, it's perfect! :)

    And that first shot with your rings is beautiful :)

  9. your pictures are so great! i love the quality! and you look amazing in a maxi skirt!


  10. Love your accessories , and jacket. Such an interesting bag.

  11. beautiful jewelry, love the red leather!




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