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Vintage Oscar de la Renta blouse, H&M sweater, UO cargo jacket, Vintage coat, Big Star Jeans, Candela NYC shoes, Vintage Coach bag, Hannah Warner bracelet, Eddera Olive Branch ring

After a haircut at Arrojo, my dear bud Justin and I had an afternoon of debauchery around the West Village, drinking a whole mess of tea and all that jazz.

I wore a couple of comfortable pieces, including this sweater that reminds me of a pinafore when I wear it over a blouse like I did here. I adore these super comfy Big Star coated jeans. Natalie, Christina and I happened to pick up the same pair, and every once in a while we'll end up wearing 'em at once because they're soooo awesome. They're perfect for edging up an outfit! I threw on my Candela golf shoes to add some preppy flair, I can't wait to wear these out with just a sun dress in a few months when the weather starts being truly kind.

In other news, since I'm creating my own major in school for Fashion History & Theory, this semester I'm taking a mix of classes that deal with color theory, food culture, blogging (!), fashion policy and fashion history. It's been a fantastic first week and I wanted to share this PBS documentary one of my classmates shared about the conditions in a garment factory in China. It's a pretty thorough piece, so if you have an hour to kill, take a gander here.

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The Fancy Teacup said...

That vintage blouse is an absolute dream. x

Jenna Hughes said...

i love all the layers in this look! the sweater's details are so unique and makes a staple piece so much more interesting. the gold bracelet is my new obsession! i really love everything about this outfit

Kimberly Horne said...

I love that sheer shirt! It looks amazing.

xoxo, Jjanga

Dylana Suarez said...

Love this! You look adorable!


Estherina said...

Love love love those shoes!

Step into Estherina's World

L'art said...

Beautiful! Love your shoes and blouse. You have a great style!

Mica said...

Love this outfit! You layer so well :)

Evi said...

This style is amazing!!!!! Love it :)

Evi xoxo

Collections said...

Loving those pants.


Stephanie said...

That sweater, those shoes Oh my you look amazing

Victoria said...

too cool preppy, mens inspired adorable outfit! love it!

xo Victoria
follow back!

DNA (designers+artists) said...

Love your fringed/studded oxfords.

@Glam__Slam said...

That vintage Oscar de le Renta blouse is AMA-MA-ZI-I-I-I-NG! It's such a delicate piece and I love how you styled it here. Lovies it! :)

@Glam__Slam said...

That vintage de le Renta blouse is AMA-MA-Z-I-I-I-NG!!! It's such a delicate piece and I really like how you've styled it here. Lovies it! :)

Misha Z. said...

Love the blouse with the shirt. Perfect layering!

khaleesi style said...

Very sweet shoes baby kisses

Kelly said...

oh goodness this is the best outfit i have seen in awhile! i love that sheer sleeves and the shiny pants! cute cute!


Justin Livingston said...

YOU ARE SO FREAKIN' GORGEOUS. Just stop... silly girl, stop! :)


Lindsey A. Turner said...

I love how the sheer shirt and the shiny pants make this classic look so much more interesting!

Lindsey Turner

Asian Korean Fashion Blog said...

you got a very creative stylish ideas for boyfriend style!

Tayler said...

loving the top layer, sweater top thing!!

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