Shades of Pale






Thanks to Moishe for le pics!
Astars cape tee, ADAM skirt, Deena & Ozzy t-strap wedges, vintage belt & sunglasses, BDG bag shown with my new Coach Chelsea bag!

Dudes, you guys, it is way too hot out these days. Breaking 96ยบ on a regular basis for a straight week is not fun. Add in moving woes and packing and running around with the boyfriend/ friends & it's just been too busy to post normal junk! I know, I suck

And yes, I am sitting in front of Target in the first two pictures. 

Anywhos, I am completely following an all-white uniform these days to break the burdon of late summer heat! My fave YSL lipstick has also been abused accordingly just to get some form of color in tandem with the lack thereof in my clothes.


Summer Float








Thanks Jenny for the photos!
Spring & Clifton sweater, Cheap Monday blouse, ADAM skirt, F21 heels, Vintage Coach bag

Wore this number to the Coach Chelsea collection preview! A lot of twists here, especially with my new S[ring & Clifton sweater, how sick is this thing? Garter buckles for no real reason? Aw yeah, that hits my sweet tooth! I always get eye-roll worthy comments whenever I wear it ("Heh, where's the rest of your sweater?", "Does that mean you wear really high socks?" *barfatude*) , but it still works.

I played up the eccentricity factor a bit by adding my fave angled Cheap Monday blouse. The preview itself was an absolute BLAST! Meeting new friends, hanging with friends missed and being surrounded by excellent drinks and bags, I couldn't complain even though I am an absolute dorkwad when it comes to social situations! Expect photos m'dears!


Double Trouble







Joe: Topman shirt and pants, vintage sunglasses, my belt and Zara shoes
Me: Cheap Monday blouse, Vintage pants, Thrifted Gap vest, Vintage sunglasses, Vintage Coach bag, Michael Kors heels

I'm happy to introduce you guys to my boyfriend Joe! We've been together for about a year and a half now and I'm so excited to have him moving down here with me! He's an outrageously talented drummer you guys, so if you're in the NYC area and know of a band who is looking for a drummer, pop me an email! His fave musicians include Frank Zappa, Talking Heads, King Crimson and Mahavishnu Orchestra.

Anywhos, we shopped today.It's crazy hot here in the city, so these were SOOOO necessary. My fave Cheap Monday blouse has been worn to death these past few days but I can't help it! It's so airy!




op 5

op 4



Thrifted blouse, Thrifted Gap vest, ADAM skirt, Steven loafers, vintage bag & sunnies

Suuuuuuper simple today! Man, it is so easy to throw this ADAM number on when it's hot out and you don't care if any prevailing breeze threatens to almost make you flash a passerby (holla if you hear me, ladies!). When I wasn't hanging with boyfriend and co., I was meditating a bit in my attic and packing for NYC tomorrow! I'm off for an event with Coach and some go-sees.

Oh, guys, here's a game for you if you haven't noticed it yet, can you spot what I broke earlier like an idiot?


A Bag To Stuff My Heart Into


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When I'm not toting my beloved Katherine Kwei Lulu to carry my burden of a camera, I'm daydreaming about my drop-dead camera/school bag...

1. Coach 
7. & 8. Asos

(Oh junk, I forgot about THIS guy, another bag that deserves to be beaten up lovingly. Ah, le sigh...)









Thanks to Ryan for the shots!

F21 blouse, vintage dress, thrifted Gap vest, Katherine Kwei Lulu bag, vintage fedora, Aldo heels

Finally dug up these photos! Back in NYC I was able to grab some lunch with Ryan from Fashables to discuss fashion/streetstyle awesomeness. Broke out the springtime faves and tied 'em up, simple enough since the palate & pattern are within some similarity. Couldn't go wrong with my Lulu bag either! Any bag that can carry my SLR easily along with my essentials is a winner!


Summer Pastels




"omg! stuff!"


Zara Man sweater, thrifted Gap vest, Charlotte Russe Blazer, Jcrew chain bag, pants c/o Sweet Soup, Aldo heels, Belt & watch from Dad

Out & about in pastels with some added edge with the vest & some favorite accessories (thanks, dad!). I don't know what's been wrong with me lately, it's the middle of summer and I've been wearing pants constantly! I guess I've been drawn to the opportunity to mix androgyny with the girlier summer pieces that either show more skin or are more fitted. Hooray for contrasts!


Petit Post


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Quickie post! Couldn't resist posting my fave Le Petit Petit tee with a Zara skirt & Forever 21 blazer for a BBQ at my folks' place! This shirt has been such a staple, I can't help reaching for it every time I need something slouchy to make a stuffy ensemble more grounded.

And how awesome is this little F21 red pursette? Perfect for holding trinkets in minimal splendor.

And now, grilled seitan, steaks and iced tea all the way! have a great 4th everyone!


Lux Aestiva

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photos by moi

My summer so far has been the chillest ever. I mean it. Between adventures with my boyfriend and friends upstate, cooking up ideas in my attic room and fantastic fashionable blogger events back in NYC, I have so many stories just from these past 3 months! And now that the 4th of July has rolled around for celebration, I remember my summer so far. Each photo I have up here tells a little story:

1. My room is an attic/studio on the third floor of my house in Buffalo. I loved all the natural light I get up here back in high school when I was poking around with photography. This windowsill is the best place to meditate for a bit. I've hung up 2 of my favorite pieces from Forever 21 here.

2. This tangled mess is a result of poor packing after moving out of my dorm building in NYC. As of yesterday, I have been able to untangle 2 necklaces from the bunch.

3. This past trip to NYC was super special because I was able to drive down with my boyfriend Joe and our friend Moishe. Whilst back, we had a little roof party at Joe's Aunt's apartment downtown.

4. In SoHo I was surprisingly inspired by the window lace/fabric drippings at Urban Outfitters. It reminded me of my family's summer trips to the Adirondacks when my mom would hang doilies in the cabin window to cast lacy shadows.

5.  Love these heels from Aldo and this vintage carpet in my attic, I wanna take it back to my apartment back in NYC soooo badly!

6. This leather wrap was bought off a street vendor on Canal street. i should have gotten 3 more in other colors!

7. One of my favorite pastimes has always been cutting out interesting images from magazines and old books. Sometimes I make collages with them, sometimes I just keep them in a clippings box.

8. My ring collection/ holding a wild strawberry. Joe, Moishe and I were on a country drive when we discovered this super spooky abandoned house on the side of the road, basically in the middle of nowhere. We stopped to take a closer look and noticed the grounds were riddled with wild strawberries! It was eerie and beautiful all at once.

9. Chelsea street art, constantly changing, constantly inspiring.

Happy 4th of July everyone! Celebrate accordingly.




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IMGP1140 2

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Thanks to Chris Doherty for the ensemble shots!

Amber Sakai bodysuit, Lucca Couture ribbon suspender pants,Steven loafers, vintage bag, A.V. Morgan sunnies

My last day in the city was dedicated to an event in SoHo with the Stylelist blogger network at the fantastic design studio/boutique Partners and Spade! Loved every minute of chatting with blogger friends and scouring the current exhibit about 80's surf culture in California (totally fascinating, by the way, it had a huge effect on 80's new wave culture!). I always love returning back here, my whole weekend was wonderful, you can't beat being in the city you love, with people you love, doing what you love. 

I'm back in Buffalo now, set to return back to the city in about 2 or 3 weeks for more events and awesomeness!



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