If I had a Wishlist...



1.Mulberry Clipper Holdall- The most insanely perfect bag for any use
2. Christopher Kane x J Brand jeans- I recently attended a breakfast hosted by Barneys for a meet/greet with Christopher Kane to hear more about his inspiration behind this collaboration. The high waisted skinnies are PERFECT. I would wear these just as CK intended: with a whole mess of neutrals
3. Lulu Frost Locket ring- Vintage-inspired cuteness
4. Kitson Enamel Globe Ring- It's always good to have a bit of costume jewelry
5. London Sole - Like French Sole, only much more narrowed down to the essentials and less expensive
6. Play Button - I love this idea for a gift, Play Buttons hold an entire album that you can wear. It's cheaper than an ipod and one of the best things about a record is that you can listen to the entirety of the album and absorb its story. The selection for albums is on the limited side for now, but if you find the right one for someone, it's sure to be an amazing gift.
7. Alice's Adventures Underground- Alice in Wonderland is one of my all time favorite stories (I have "The Walrus and the Carpenter" memorized!). This book has author Lewis Carrol's original story as written (in his own handwriting!!) and illustrated by him for Alice's Mother in 1862
8. Proenza Schouler boots- Just plain schoolgirl badassery
9. The Lake & The Stars bralette- My favorite lingerie brand, my favorite bra
10. Christie Martin gold tag rings- Amazingly simple and gorgeous, my family is big on initials & monograms because it makes the gift that much more personal. I would never take these off!
11. Bobbi Brown Shimmering Neutrals eyeshadow Palate- The most perfect neutral eyeshadow palate that has everything you need for a pretty everyday eye
12. A.P.C. Chambray Tie Dress- This Dress. For Everything. For Anything.


  1. I lovee the CKxJBrand jeans fluorescent loveee! the PS boots and bra are perfect as well. hope you get something from your wish list


  2. Numbers 5 and 12 would be my choices as well :)

  3. I love Alice in wonderland I've read the original story like 5 times probably, props to you! Nice post girl.

  4. The bag, boots and eyeshadow palette: come to me! I have an intense wish list, too.

  5. Great pick on the black boots :)


  6. Wow This Wish list is Truly Fascinating! Simply Loved Big Black Boots!

  7. i love that bag!! ahhh great list you put together!!


  8. Okay, I didn't know that ring existed until now but now I'm absolutely sure that I can't continue my life without it.

    Ps. Nothing to do with this post but you have the most gorgeous hair EVER.



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