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Man, dude, whatta trip this was!  NatalieChristina and I took a wonderful trip down to Philly this past week to bask in the glory that is the Free People offices. Along with Dylana & Cheryl, we met up with the ladies behind Free People's BLDG 25 blog to style up some looks and have ourselves a maniacally wonderful afternoon of boho bliss. The creative directer and marketing team put together a selection of some of the newest FP offerings for us to style up with a lean towards Grunge, something I don't normally get the chance to try out, which made it all the more fun! I took the nirvana/ 90's city girl route with Doc Martens and leather jackets. Stay tuned for outfit posts with my looks soon!

The offices are...just insane you guys. Housed within an old warehouse in Philly's shipyard, the building is full of natural light, exposed brick and peeling paint. Every single inch of space was either painted, crocheted or  sewn over, the whole building just dripping with creativity. It was a beehive of sorts, with some of the coolest people running around creating, styling, writing and more, acting as the heart and soul of one of the most innovative brands out there. I loved taking a tour of the creative spaces in the building, like the dye room where textiles were taken and given unique dyeing properties, and the pattern room where patterns were hand drawn for new fabrics. We also got to take a look at some of the amazing vintage pieces that the team has gathered and arranged into a showroom with separate themes of coolness. At a certain point though, my camera died on me and I, in turn, died a little inside. Thankfully I had thought to bring my new Instax camera with me, so I was able to document the rest of the offices with film.

After running around in a whirlwind of creativity, we retired from the offices and had ourselves a truly memorable dinner at Parc, an AMAZING brasserie in the absolutely gorgeous Rittenhouse Square. All-in-all, it was an unforgettable trip for sure and I now have about 50 new additions to my holiday wishlist because everything was AMAZING and soooo cute. Thank you to everyone over at FP for having us! You guys are the bestest!

You can see more from this trip over at the FP Blog, BLDG 25 :]
What do you guys think? Anything you see here you'd like yourself for the holidays?


  1. Free People are just amazing, one of my favorite brands ever! Lucky you to get a chance to visit their offices and get a chance to style some looks on yourself :)

    Leather jacket and the sleeveless floral dress that you wore are very beautiful pieces.

  2. What a great experience, you girls look awesome. Can't wait to see you in the outfits you styled. x

  3. I'm obsessed with that floral dress you wore in the first couple shots as well as the sheer white blouse with the denim shorts and awesome tights! so jealous you got the visit free people's office! they are my number one favorite brand ever!!! love what you styled

  4. I'm in LOVE. That cropped shirt and leather jacket...WANT. Great pictures and post girl!

  5. This looks like a great opportunity. Lovely pictures, can't wait to see the rest of them.

    Nicole D.
    The Owl Girl

  6. Looks like fun. Also, that dress looks fly on you!



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