Giveaway: Who Makes you Feel Pretty Powerful?


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Heya Ladies! So today I'm ecstatic to be teaming up with Bobbi Brown, whose work I've worshipped since I was about 13 years old, to talk about her newest campaign which celebrates natural beauty-beauty with or without makeup, it's Pretty Powerful! I have learned all about makeup thanks to Bobbi's amazing book, Teenage Beauty, which helped me learn so much about myself and how to use makeup to feel more confident and not hide behind it. It was my mom who gave me that book, and that's partially why she makes me feel Pretty Powerful.

When asked about who I ge my most inspiration from, I always say my mom. Her absolutely effortless style and collected philosophies on fashion brought me to love fashion and adore every facet of the industry. She taught me that when you wear something, you should tell a story or at least re-live a memory. She puts herself into every outfit whether it's the hat she designed herself for my parents' wedding, or the perfect shade of lipstick that she and I both wear (YSL Rouge Volupté in Red Muse). She's the coolest, and I'm proud to have her as my mama!

Now that I've told you my story, I want to hear your stories! Who or what makes you feel pretty powerful? GIVEAWAY TIME!! Vote or Submit in Bobbi's Competition HERE, follow me on Twitter and then Tweet at me with your stories using the hashtag #PrettyPowerful by Saturday 10/22 and I'll send a winner one of these palates:


Tweet here Face Here

Can't wait to read your stories everyone!!


  1. Beautiful images. Your mom is a bombshell.

    I entered the contest. Please vote for me!

  2. Holy cow, that first pic she resembles Kirsten Dunst! Beautiful photos!

  3. Your mom is absolutely stunning, I see where you get it girl! Moms are the best!

    <3 <3 <3

  4. This is a great giveaway, your mom looks soo beautiful, I bet you're really proud of her.

    The Owl Girl



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