Frizz Free Friday: Arrojo Shoot Prep, getting a curly haircut


Ladies and Germs, allow me to take you on a journey...
I know I've been posting a TON about hair lately, but this is something really special that I would love to share with you guys. In celebration of Arrojo Salon's 10th anniversary, 25 bloggers, including myself, have been recruited to take part in an anniversary editorial that exercises and showcases the creative minds behind the salon. I really wanted to share the prep shots with you guys because not only was it a super fun experience, but I also learned a lot about how my hair, and how curly hair in general should be cut and shaped. 


Ooh yes, take a good look at those roots and shapelessness, because they weren't around for long! To start, my amazing colorist Courtney took a look at my color and saw it desperately needed a boost. In addition to making my red more vibrant (yet natural), she also went in and added highlights around my face to create a bit of framing and dimension. I had never gotten highlights before, so this was really fun!



After my color was rinsed out, it was time for a cut with my FANTASTIC stylist John. Now, here's a  Fun Fact: I have almost always (except for my last cut) ended up getting my hair cut by guys, not that gender really makes much of a difference, I just find it super funny how it has always ended up that way!


John went in and really changed my shape. See how he's cutting at an angle? It's super important to shape curly hair in a way that ensures that the curls will fall with dimension and equal distribution. Have any of you ever experienced the "triangle effect" where your hair is just flat at the top and curlier towards the ends? I certainly have, and the answer to that is LAYERS! Lots and lotsa layers.


Now, I know this looks a bit nuts, but when you have product to shape your texture, you gotta evenly distribute it!



Add some finishing spray and it's off to makeup...



We just went with a super simple bold red lip to help warm out my complexion even more and give some OOMPH! And that was that!

I haven't even seen the finished shot yet! All of us bloggers will be able to see our portraits next week at the salon at the unveiling party, I can't wait to see how everything turned out!

I had such an amazing time at Arrojo! After shooting my portrait for the editorial, I was sent home with some products so that I could re-create my experience at home. Next round, I'll be sharing those products and letting you guys know if I succeeded at re-creating my look from the salon. I learned so many pointers, and I can't wait to share them with you guys!

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The Fancy Teacup said...

What a fun event to be part of! Your hair turned out wondrously!

♥, Jamie

fashioneggpplant said...

gorgeous! i love it!

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♥Run With Fashion♥ said...

How fun and exciting :D
Love the highlights in your hair and loove the lip color! ♥


Re said...

Wow! You look great in that last shot. :D ~This is so awesome!

Jessamyn Read said...

You're hair is so beautiful!xxx

Sasha said...

I like this post:)

Lindsay said... look beautiful! I love mini makeovers!

Eda. said...

You look beautiful, I use diffuser for my curls!

Eda ♥

SomethingDutch said...

As a fellow curly hair girl I find your hair posts relevant and so helpful. So many girls with curly hair don't know what to do with it! Thank you! (Now, I need to get a haircut with layers to let free my curls...)
Tschüß! Kate

Hannah said...

I'm so glad that in addition that the neat behind-the-scenes photos; you added some tips about the actual cut.

I've been trying out different salons that "specialize in curly hair" but they just don't seem to be getting it right. I'm trying another new one on Tuesday (it's actually a friend!) so I will be sure to voice my concerns and drop a few of these tips. Thanks! :)

Fashion Inciter said...

Looking good! You have awesome hair.

Camilla said...

You are just so so so beautiful

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xo Camilla

itxeln said...

thank you a lot, this helps so much! Never stop posting these!

Anonymous said...

thank you a lot, this helps so much! Never stop posting these!

Hannah said...

I can't wait to see the finished product! The in progress pics definitely made it seem like this cut added a lot of curl!! I definitely have major triangle hair going on right now. Ugh I need a haircut so badly!

rental mobil said...

Very nice, thanks for sharing.

Julia mode said...

you have a lovely blog :)

Haidée said...

love your hair and you are so beautiful

lv haidee xx


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