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As I was scouring my desktop folders for some inspiration this past week, I was happy to re-visit these shots I took at the Kimberly Ovitz presentation from this past fashion week. One of the great things about the presentation was the actual setting; Kimberly transformed Pace Gallery (one of my favorite housings for fine art in Chelsea) into a viewing realm, situating her round-table ring of models at the center of the spacious gallery, which in-turn, created an orbit of on-lookers.

The garments themselves were wholly fused in technicality and elegance with shocks of yellow and cobalt blue streaked throughout neutrals and jersey panels. I loved the draped knits seen in the last photo. There was this great eeriness about the collection and its presentation, the models loomed over everyone like alien-esque pillars of virtue, decked in draped knits that spilled to the floor and extended to or past their wrists. I know it's far from fall and winter just ended, but it's still nice to grab inspiration from everywhere one can!

{{side news flash!!}}
I just got back from a super short 2-day trip to NYC for an event with one of my absolute favorite designers, Adam Lippes! Photos to come!


  1. The collection looks amazing! I really love the details.

    ♥ Gina Michele

  2. Ahhh, I love the grey/yellow combination. So nice.

    Also: I perused through your archives the other day and saw mention of the vintage shop No Relation on 1st ave, so I visited it yesterday and oh my sweet jesus, it's amazing. So glad you (unintentionally) brought that place to my attention. I'll definitely be visiting it again sometime very soon.

  3. Glad you agree Gina!!

    And I'm so glad you were able to check it out Christina!! That's deff one of my favorites but I totally need to do a post about Village Vintage on 7th between 1st and Ave A. THAT is heaven!!

  4. i like her approach, bit of lang or complexgeo in it. i own one coat from her previous season...



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