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Please forgive for these horribly blown-out photos, the former Fine Arts major in me is cringing, but I HAD to show you guys these rings!


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Over the weekend I spent the afternoon with Dan just schmoozing around and looking for inspiration. We stopped into Evolution (my 3rd time this week) since Dan had never been in there before and I was finally able to get some proper blog photos to show you guys. Just the perfect balance of eeriness and beauty in one store!

We went on further to get some empanadas (veggie chili is my favorite) and die a little inside as we snooped around and window shopped at All Saints and, Cole Haan and many others. Dan was IN LOVE with those Cole Haan wingtips, lemme tell ya. We later found ourselves near the NYU campus where the absolute BEST rings are sold by this woman who has hundreds of pieces of jewelry from around the world. I got the two rings from this post from her. For those of you in NYC, she's stationed on 8th street and Greene street until "Juneish"

Do you guys have any go-to spots for inspiration where you live? NYC'ers, any other tips ya got? Lemmet hear ya roar! Outfit post to follow :]


  1. Hi Claire! This is Christina from the Seychelles party last week. Just dropping into to say hi :)

    Also, I visit Evolution almost every time I'm in the area and promise myself that one day I will buy a taxidermy porcupine or baboon skull and put it in my apartment (you know, once I have $700 to blow on that sort of thing).
    Nearby, around Broadway and Prince St, there's a guy who sells gorgeous necklaces with cameo and clock pendants. He's a little pricey, but I was able to talk him down once.

  2. Christina! You're too awesome! Thanks for the tip I will totes be checking him out since there's not a lot I love more than super charming cameos!!

  3. I was just wondering if you've noticed the guy looking at you through the window of the shoe store in the second last picture LOL (he's right by your friend)...kinda creepy :)



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