Myself & Fellow Bloggers in Video Debut for Katherine Kwei!


I was SO excited to be a part of this awesome promo for Katherine Kwei's Lulu satchel featuring some fantastic bloggers including Casey (online editor at STYLEDON), Lani & Erin (SUGAR ROCK CATWALK), SARA ZUCKER and Bianca (SMALLGIRLSPR/BIANCAROCKSOUT)

Gotta love playing the part of the prissy nerd a la Annie from Community :D

Katherine's designs are ├╝ber cool and the Lulu is no exception, it's one of those easy bags that are good for anything, which is exactly what you can see in the video.

OOH! And notes! I'm wearing my new Warby Parker Beckett frames! More hilights to come, they're seriously killing me with their new collection. Picking new frames was more difficult than ever!

Btdubs, Celia is the super awesome director behind this video, you should check her other awesome works out


  1. Having an Obsession Confession! SO. Rad. xox!

  2. Cute outfit! Plus, the vid is amazing. Rock on!

  3. You looked absolutely gorgeous in this video. Great acting on your part. This video is so relatable and easy breezy.


  4. wow!! amazing video! you look fantastic!!
    love the plot! xo sami



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