Corpus romper via Gilt.com, Thrifted wool blazer, Aldo booties, vintage hat pin

My apologies for the kind-of-crappy photos. My beloved Pentax is being worked on. I love outfits that only really consist of 3 main parts, here it's romper+blazer+boots, out the door. Gotta love it!


Spring to Me







thrifted French Connection dress, ?? knee highs, Lexi's Lucky Brand heels (what are friends for?), vintage thrifted necklaces

Spring is a season that sums up the word "transition" to me. I love the process of slowly shedding those winter layers for more flowy and romantic outfit options.

This dress is an excellent find from a thrift store in London. I actually found it only an hour after we first checked into our hostel. I basically picked it up and said "Ahh, this is gonna be a good trip, I can tell!". The fabric is ridiculously light, which gave a playful contrast to the heavier woven knee-highs and super chunky platforms.

I dunno, maybe I just think about this stuff too much

Oh, and these are far and away THE most comfortable heels I have ever worn in my entire life. Ever.


To a Tee









gifted T-post tee, vintage sequin tube dress, vintage thrifted leather vest, Aldo boots

This is exactly what I love fashion for. This is what I love about the design industry.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is T-post, one of the most epic things I have come across in some time.
So what is it you ask? It's the first wearable magazine.
for reals.

So when you subscribe to T-post, you get a new t-shirt every 5 weeks with an offbeat news article printed on the inside with a corresponding illustration on the front by a unique artist. Every shirt is different and every shirt is limited edition, which is super cool.

My shirt here is a back issue designed by Matt Furie and has an article that covers and discusses the effects of technology on human evolution since it seems that we have become dependent on our computers for keeping information rather than remembering phone numbers, birthdays and other various contact info. Are we destined to become different creatures in the next thousand years? Check out the article here

For more information, I strongly suggest you check out their website: LINK!

In the meanby, I'll be waiting by my mailbox for the next article. I never need a new T-shirt ever again!













I nearly died when i found this mural by one of my favorite street artsists, BLU


Her outfit was so charming!

The face of 24 hours without sleep, major jet lag and overwhelming excitement over
the abundance of english fashion magazines (I'm holding the spring/summer
issue of POP and i-D):

(last photo outfit info)
jacket- Vintage,
shirt- apostrophe
jeans- Jordache (thrifted)
boots- thrifted/vintage

My classmates were worried when we found out that the volcano erupted merely two hours after our flight
landed and all flights would be canceled.
There was the looming threat of us possibly having to stay an extra few days since the airways were closed.
We ended up leaving as scheduled, but I didn't want to leave at all.

Having grown up in NYC, I'm used to a metropolitan city/urban lifestyle, but London was beyond that.
For one, it was...CLEAN!
The amount of history was mind boggling.
I mean, we went to the Tower of London, and I couldn't believe I was touching a building built in the 1500's.
And the art culture was DIVINE. I felt like an absolute idiot when we went to TATE modern and I welled up
with tears as I stood in front of a Monet Waterlily painting...
AUGH Don't even get me started on the vintage shopping...
I spent WAYYYY more than I intended, but it was soooo worth it

I'd like to return to see more of Europe someday. It was quite chill.

I have to apologize for the lack of posting, there are 16 days of high school
left and projects are killing me!



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