I nearly died when i found this mural by one of my favorite street artsists, BLU


Her outfit was so charming!

The face of 24 hours without sleep, major jet lag and overwhelming excitement over
the abundance of english fashion magazines (I'm holding the spring/summer
issue of POP and i-D):

(last photo outfit info)
jacket- Vintage,
shirt- apostrophe
jeans- Jordache (thrifted)
boots- thrifted/vintage

My classmates were worried when we found out that the volcano erupted merely two hours after our flight
landed and all flights would be canceled.
There was the looming threat of us possibly having to stay an extra few days since the airways were closed.
We ended up leaving as scheduled, but I didn't want to leave at all.

Having grown up in NYC, I'm used to a metropolitan city/urban lifestyle, but London was beyond that.
For one, it was...CLEAN!
The amount of history was mind boggling.
I mean, we went to the Tower of London, and I couldn't believe I was touching a building built in the 1500's.
And the art culture was DIVINE. I felt like an absolute idiot when we went to TATE modern and I welled up
with tears as I stood in front of a Monet Waterlily painting...
AUGH Don't even get me started on the vintage shopping...
I spent WAYYYY more than I intended, but it was soooo worth it

I'd like to return to see more of Europe someday. It was quite chill.

I have to apologize for the lack of posting, there are 16 days of high school
left and projects are killing me!


  1. These pictures are pretty amazing!

  2. Your blog, outfits, and photographs are all lovely and epic! London is fantastic, and Europe in general is quite...well, you can't put words into something that's so old, so wonderful, and so full of great thrifting!

  3. you should definitely visit europe again! i liked what you said about the feeling of touching something that was built 500 hundred years old. it is quite neat actually, but for me that live in Europe it is quite odd to think about a city that has not ancient fingerprints all over.. you should come and visit Lisbon (hope you know where it is!!): it has the best light you've ever seen,plus you can see so many great historical buildings. I mean, things like a 11th century castle in the heart of the city or roman ruins under a glass floor of an H&M shop downtown; how awesome is that?

  4. The Tate Modern is great though!!! I cried when I saw Monet at the Moma!

    Lovely pictures, glad you had a good time!

  5. You look beyond amazing in these pictures. I cant help but replay the Lily Allen song in my head as I look at them!

  6. Stunning pictures!! :) London is amazing..

  7. FAb, the photography is awesome. I love the red lipstick.

    my blog: ♥La Stylin Girraffe♥

  8. Your photos are captivating!
    I love that you thrift. I do too!

  9. I would love to visit Europe on day! It looks like you had a wonderful time!

  10. I just saw your other entries...and have become a follower. three words.
    I. LOVE. YOU. and your style. :)

    please visit me at my blog,


    I would really appreciate a comment..or two...or three..:P

    anyways...loving your photos. congrats on your acceptation to parsons!!

  11. Love the finale attire :)


  12. I loved your pictures, the colors.... everything perfect-

  13. I love your blog and your amazing photographs. I love a while outside of London, and it was so weird seeing your perspective on our capital. I'm glad to see you liked it and yes the vintage shopping is amazing and the tate modern but the tower of London isn't that old! Haha, it's strange because we have buildings and churches that date back to like 600ad near where I live! Hope you come back one day.



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