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Thrifted vest, Charlotte Russe dress, We Who See ankle boots

Every so often, I'll run into a rut in the morning when I'm getting dressed. I'll throw something on but it will just be missing...something. In the case of this dress and vest combo, I wanted to add to the vampy-ness of the dress, but I didn't want to overdo it, so I turned to makeup! I'll mix my own lipstick from time to time, and I've been dying to really go crazy!

So being the nutcase I am, I tried this look out at school and people seemed to like it! Of course, the whole your-lips-are-blue-you-must-be-a-zombie joke was kinda unavoidable

If you want to do this yourself, it's really important that you use a really good moisturizing balm since powder can very easily just suck all of the moisture out of your lips. I started out with one of my all-time-favorite balms, Blistex Lip Medex. My mom has gotten me hooked on this stuff ever since I was little! It's especially great in the winter. The color came from Urban Decay's Deluxe Eyeshadow in Ransom. I didn't just choose this color for how batshit crazy it is, but how highly pigmented the shadow is. It stayed on forEVER and I didn't have to touch it up very much. Finally, I kept everything in place with Bobbi Brown's fabulous SPF 15 lip tint (unfortunately, this was a limited edition product and I can't really find it anywhere online).

So basically, here's the formula:
moisturizing lip balm + super pigmented eye shadow/powder + non-sticky gloss or balm = awesome

go nuts my pretties!


Spring equals LEGS! (Part II)








We Love Colors tights, Thrifted blazer, 12x12 ruffle cardigan, F21 heels

Second installment of my review for WLC! I am not usually a huge leg-wear fanatic. I like tights, but I tend to stray away from complicated patterns and colors since they can be kinda overwhelming. Having said that, there's something really rich and fabulous about the metallic splashes and details on this particular pair of tights, the gold and silver really add punch to anything I wear them with. Most. Versatile. Tights. Ever. They kind of remind me of the eye makeup from Chanel S/S 2007

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Spring equals LEGS! (Part I)


A while back I found myself casually zipping away through Stumbleupon, one of my favorite sources of awesome stuff, when I came into contact with the We Love Colors website. I bookmarked the site just in case I ever needed some ridiculously cool hosiery in (seriously)almost any color imaginable.

Fast forward 3 weeks later & I get a lovely email from Emem over at the website offering me some tights to review and of course I said "but of course..."

So, this week in honor of spring and the explosion of more leggy things to come, I will be reviewing tights! Hooray!



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Vintage silk slip, Hanro bathrobe (seriously), We Love Colors fishnets, Charlotte Russe wedges, Assorted necklaces via my grandparents

Yes, that pink thing is indeed one of my bath/nightrobes. I'm sort of experimenting with the merits of really,really long sweaters & cover-ups.

So these fishnets..where to begin...they remind me of 1920's wallpaper, which I ADORE. I've always been a fan of vertical patterns on hosiery since it elongates your legs, and these get the job done with that indeed. The only thing I would say I have issue with is that my toes peek through the holes, but it's really no biggie. Oh, and did I mention the colors? 'Cause there's 51 of them.

You can see more of We Love Colors via or their twitter or fb page

WOO! stay tuned for the next review


50th Post





Random scarf, (thrifted) Jcrew men's sweater, (thrifted) Banana Republic pants, Jcrew leather belt, Dad's assorted watches, Steven by Steve Madden jewel pumps

The blunders of late-winter weather: it has been soooo windy lately! My hair kept blowing in my face as I was taking these shots! And the cold always makes my nose bright, bright red. I despise it!

Trying to get a little more consistent with my blog posts here since I'm (seriously) tired of being too nervous about posting something. I have this horrible habit of trashing something last minute because I read into things too much.

So here we go, guys. I'm just gonna wing it now. Fingers crossed I don't make an idiot of myself.






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H&M button-up,Brooklyn Industries sweater vest, (thrifted) Jcrew blazer, Paper & Cloth Denim Jeans, Kimchi & Blue Boots, Vintage bracelets,Marc Jacobs watch

Man, oh, man, it's times like these when I'm so jealous of Karen, Karla & Rumi for having boyfriends take their amazing blog photos for them. I get exhausted lugging around my tripod, setting the timer & walking back and fourth for what seems like two hours trying to formulate the right angle, ISO speed & exposure value.

I am thankful for my dad who is a professional photographer, When he's free every once in a while he sometimes helps me with my blog shots & helps me figure out the formula for a great shot.

Daddy-o with his Yashiko SG 25



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