Spring equals LEGS! (Part I)


A while back I found myself casually zipping away through Stumbleupon, one of my favorite sources of awesome stuff, when I came into contact with the We Love Colors website. I bookmarked the site just in case I ever needed some ridiculously cool hosiery in (seriously)almost any color imaginable.

Fast forward 3 weeks later & I get a lovely email from Emem over at the website offering me some tights to review and of course I said "but of course..."

So, this week in honor of spring and the explosion of more leggy things to come, I will be reviewing tights! Hooray!



Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Vintage silk slip, Hanro bathrobe (seriously), We Love Colors fishnets, Charlotte Russe wedges, Assorted necklaces via my grandparents

Yes, that pink thing is indeed one of my bath/nightrobes. I'm sort of experimenting with the merits of really,really long sweaters & cover-ups.

So these fishnets..where to begin...they remind me of 1920's wallpaper, which I ADORE. I've always been a fan of vertical patterns on hosiery since it elongates your legs, and these get the job done with that indeed. The only thing I would say I have issue with is that my toes peek through the holes, but it's really no biggie. Oh, and did I mention the colors? 'Cause there's 51 of them.

You can see more of We Love Colors via or their twitter or fb page

WOO! stay tuned for the next review


  1. looking sexy and springy :)


  2. Love your outfit!


  3. wow , those tights are crazy! love them!!

  4. That is really interesting to use a bathrobe-- and not the flannel kind!-- as an outdoor outfit. I think when you drape it that way with those tights, you look just about 9 ft tall. I'm all for crazy tights, and I'm loving the look!

    Toast with Charmalade

  5. oh awesome! love the pink wrap, regardless of what it moonlights as.

    totally have to buy those tights now - what a GREAT color!

  6. Those tights look wonderful! are there small holes for your toes to poke out in the end? It sort of looks that way~


  7. hmm, ive never seen green knitted fishnets...how wonderful :)


  8. those tights are so interesting. i've never seen a pair quite like them. i especially love how you made your bathroom look so effortlessly chic. well done lady!


  9. Um, that is pretty much the best tights look I've ever seen (and bathrobe = a million cool points)

  10. Those legs, those legs, those leggings.
    Quite magical
    I adore this.

  11. Very exotic and beautiful look. The tights are amazing.

    One thing I've learned about We Love Color is their tights last longer than others (e.g., Hue). And their selection is awesome.

  12. I love this look! It's crazy how you made a bathrobe look so...wearable! The tights are amazing! I love the way you pulled off this look! Also, I love the pictures. You always seem so carefree. Truly beautiful! Hope you have a great weekend!

  13. Love your tights! You look so so good.

  14. love thee tights!
    btw i have those shoes in black!:]

  15. Holy awesomeness, those tights are great.

    I need to just break down and order a bunch of We Love Colors. Everything I've seen and heard is fantastic.

  16. I love the fact you embrace your heaight or maybe its the heels hehe nice outfit btw i nominated you for the sunshine awards for more details take a peak at my blog(:



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