Really, Really, Really Epic Rings


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From top: 7 Deadly Sins from Stephen Webster, Adderbite ring, Assorted from, what I got so far

Oh, it's the holiday season. Craziness!!
I've been procrastinating my work a little and digging online for some delicious presents for my friends & family....and myself.

When it comes to jewelry I'm one extreme or the other: either really minimalist and simple, or crazy-over-the-top-gaudy-deliciousness. I've been browsing the 'webz lately searching for some epic rings since I'm (attempting at) building a collection:

But anywhos, let's focus on Stephen Webster's rings for a sec,
These. Rings.
You. Guys.
If I could afford the one based on Rage (The gnarly hands clutching that huge garnet), I'd be all over that.

Everything else is just based off of my love for badass and earth-inspired accessories since I myself do not fit the description of a Hell's Angel, guillotine operator or Johnny Depp

**Notey Note: That chained ring in the left-hand dish (ha! get it?) was designed by my mom when I was about 10. It's one of my favorite things in the whole world, I couldn't have asked for a cooler insignia ring, it prety much sums up how my taste in fashion and design is completely rooted in my mom's taste


  1. Oh man those rings are epic. I don't usually wear chunky rings but those make me want to.

    Christy of Dress Rehearsal

  2. The wood is amazing; like a chopped pile waiting for the fireplace!



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