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I realize that I'm tired of things being slow on my blog since I'm not able to do outfit posts everyday. I figured I should be sharing my inspirations with you all to give you some insight on what's moving me lately as I formulate my ensembles.

THIS, dear readers, is the Fall 2010 Jcrew Lookbook. Just look at these girls. These outfits are an absolute feast for the eyes. The textures, the colors, the layering, the high-low styling...Jenna Lyons, the former head stylist and current creative director for the brand is one of my idols, I have always loved her work.

And if you're not convinced I'm obsessed yet here's a fun fact: this collage is the wallpaper on my Macbook.


  1. Love the different layering and color tones.

    Jose C.


  2. J. Crew pieces always look so better as a styled look rather than on their own. Jenna Lyons really is a creative genius. This collection makes me so happy that it's fall!

  3. Jenna is amazing!! I love her and these looks are phenom like I want everything!!

    Bows and Lavender Lips



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