Oh, Springtime






"Okay, now pose like an idiot!"
Thrifted tunic, (thrifted) Gap cardigan, Lucky Brand belt & bag, Kimchi & Blue boots

You know what's better than a lovely, sunny 70ยบ spring afternoon?
Yeah, me neither...

So I should explain the belt pouch. I initially bought the bag/belt together not thinking I would ever use the bag,
but man, that thing is helpful for when I go out biking since I don't have to deal with an obnoxious crossbody satchel!
I usually wear the belt pretty lose when it's at my waist, I don't want it to look TOO much like a gross fannypack :]

I'll be in London for the next week for spring break! My first trip abroad!
My friends & I are going to be making Monty Python jokes the whole time like a bunch of idiot Americans
(although I am pretty good at being an idiot American as is)

Unfortunately, however, I'll be spending my birthday on the plane ride home...

If you live in London and know of any awesome places to shop or visit, feel free to drop me an email!


  1. I love the outfit, particularily the little belt bag!

  2. That little purse belt is so cool! I hope you have fun in London :}

  3. I love how you model. I love the tights with this outfit. I wore paisley patterned tights with my prom dress. Check it out it on my blog.

    my blog: La Stylin Girraffe!

  4. Oooh! London, how exciting! The belt bag is awesome -ike a fashionable version of the fanny-pack! :)
    I love it.

  5. your belt bag is awesome! love the outfit x

  6. Good heavens girl, I LOVE these photos - and the yellow plants (trees?) are just stunning.

    Also, the photos from your previous post are absolutely incredible. Talent!


  7. Adore these shoes! Have fun in London :)

  8. Such a cute look, love the little leather pouch. London is a bit awesome, take an A to Z map book to help you get around, get an oyster card, visit Portobello, Brick Lane, Camden, Camden Passage, The Diner...I could go on for ever!

    tweet tweet tweet


  9. I live an hour outside of London and would suggest Beyond Retro for reasonable vintage buys and Oxford Strett Topshop never dissapoints. Brick lane has a few gems as well such as Rocket, which I've heard is good but never actually visited.
    Have an excellent trip, London is the best.

  10. i really love your outfit, especially for the colors (:

    and i think the little bag is a fantastic idea, really useful, as you said ;-)

  11. I really like that little belt bag - so cute. I have never been to London so I'm afraid I have no recommendations for you - but i hope you enjoy your trip!

  12. If you like Thai (noodles is a staple for a vegetable such as myself, so I do) go to Momofuko. I think that's how it's spelt. It's delicious and it's a chain so there's a few in London. And another restaurant called Med Kitchen, which has THE best fries (or chips ... that's what they call them) ever. And really good veggie couscous. Enjjjjjooooy

  13. I actually love the belt/bag! Its really petite and cute!
    I am soooo jealous you are going to London! I went to London twice last summer. I love portobello road!!! It isn't in the heart of the city but I can honestly say that street has inspired my style more than anywhere I have ever been! the people there have such a unique and wonderful fashion sense! and there is also an amazing flea market at the end of that street with a great selection of vintage clothes and accessories! as for food, wagamamas is excellent for Asian. Sorry this is so long... Hope you have a fabulous time in London and take tons of pictures!!!


  14. You need to see Camden market for some vintage shopping and some other crazy finds. Oh, and also Portobello Road market

  15. Beautiful outfit, you look pretty!

  16. Great look. I'm quite fond of the belt bag.

    Have fun in London!

    Love Grace.

  17. gorgeous outfit darling
    those tights are just amazing!

  18. Love the outfit...tres sheek


  19. lovely outfit




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