And now, a lengthy post on something I never thought would happen to me


My dear Readers, you may have noticed a new link in my sidebar resembling a curious magazine feature:

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Okay, so here's le scoop:

Just after the Weardrobe bloggers' Conference had ended, Jessica of WhatIWore referred me to a calling Seventeen Magazine was holding for their style council; which is basically a panel of stylish girls who contribute to the magazine with style tips and other bits of fashion-related curiosities. In all honesty, I had submitted my application thingy just for the hell of it with little hope I would be chosen since I just have this horrid complex of not believing in myself when national publications are involved.

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Please excuse the exceptionally crappy scan. I wish you could see my brogues in the first photo a little better along with the vintage scarf and broaches I made in better detail, but life goes on.

I hadn't picked up an issue of Seventeen since I was about 14, so this was a pretty interesting experience. I got to meet the AMAZING staff and work inside the Hearst building where all of the Hearst publications are produced (Esquire,Marie Claire, Redbook, etc.).
((thanks to Sammy for the clarification!))

So, what I have posted below me is a video that I shot and edited myself for Seventeen. I was asked to give an introduction on myself and show off my closets.

I'm just warning you though, I'm pretty good at making a complete ass of myself (as you will see) ENJOY!

I am such a dingbat.

Fun facts about this video:

-This is the first video I have ever shot/edited myself, it took me 4 hours to finish.

-The first shots are in my 3rd floor studio/attic/wreck-room where I shoot most of my blog photos. I pretty much live in my studio, I actually sleep up there and not in my bedroom.

-The I Heart NY poster was given to me the first year I moved to Buffalo. I miss NYC terribly and I keep it up as a reminder of where my roots are.

-The mannequin in my room is from the Pottery Barn circa 2004, it eerily has the same measurements as me.

We are featured in the March issue (The one with Lauren Conrad on the cover) on page 46 & it's out on newsstands now should you ever wanna see the girls for yourself!

My next feature in Seventeen will be in the May issue and the June/July issue. In the meanby, I will be blogging on the Style Council's section of Seventeen's website!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS CLAIREBEAR! This is completely amazing! I don't think I've read 17 since I was 14 either (or perhaps younger!) but I am still sooo proud of you!

  2. I knew it was you! When I got the magazine weeks ago, I thought it was you but I wasn't sure hehe Good Luck(:

  3. Hahaha, what I think is great about your video is that not only do you clearly have a sense of style and an enviable closet, but you're still quirky and funny aka a cool dingbat. Congrats on the 17 deal!

    (PS: cute doggie!)

  4. Congrats!
    That was such an adorable little film! I don't think you made a fool of yourself at all~ it was great!

    (your hair has great movement)



  5. aghhhhhh, that's so awesome :) congratulations and goodluck, even though you don't need it!

    rip. alexander mcqueen

  6. OMG i didnt even noticed! but i definitely read that issue! wow thats really cool that you got that spot!

  7. wow this is amazing!!! congratulations (:

  8. thats so cool that you got to do that for seventeen! and haha dingbat is one of my favorite words. thanks for using it <3

  9. congrats!!, love ur video so much


  10. I love this post. You're so cute in this video and and so funny. I've already said to you that i'm very happy to you but i say it again : CONGRAAAAAATTSSSS ! xx

  11. wow! congrats, darling! i love the video, great job! :)

  12. Editing is spot on. Love your cuts to the music and text about your favorite pieces. Lovely! Congrats, girl!

  13. i'm more in love with you now than i was five minutes ago. true fact.

  14. congratulations!!! that's huge. you must be so excited. have fun and good luck. :D

  15. I actually saw you in Seventeen and came here to congratulate you. You look great in the magazine and it was cool to see some of your pieces that I have seen you wear on the blog.

  16. I opened up that baby and screamed "OH MY GOD ITS CLAIRE."
    It was a magical moment.
    You are the most fabulous one is there, by the way.

  17. I am going out and buying that issue as soon as I can! (good thing I'm in the states.... Seventeen is impossible to find in the uk!) But anyhoo, well done :) so happy for you! xxx

  18. Wow that's cool. i love thw way you are taller than all the other girls. Also love you buckled ankle wedges.

  19. AAH CONGRATS, I think this is like the third time i've said it but CONGRATS you deserve it!

  20. Where did you get the fist shirt you're wearing at the end? That is absolutely AMAZING!

    I loved the video, btw. You're adorable.

  21. Congratulations!!!!
    Ahh, you are so funny in the video, and I think you bring originality to the Syle Council. So happy for you!

  22. congrats, that is so exciting!


  23. Congratulations on being featured in Seventeen Magazine! :P

  24. hey Claire!

    CONGRATS!!! This is amazing and so deserving. I'm so glad Miss Jessica pointed you in the right direction ;-)

    I used to work at Hearst (woo!) and have good friends at Seventeen. Anyway, just a TAD correction. Seriously, no no no offense. But Conde Nast is different than Hearst. The magazines you referenced are not produced in the Hearst building. They are produced in the Conde Nast building at 4 Times Square.

    NO BIGGIE THOUGH! But if you do want to correct, just cite Hearst mags like Esquire, Good Housekeeping, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Redbook, etc.

    xoxoxo would love to gift you some vintage from my collection if ever interested!

    Sammy D

  25. Sweetheart, congrats to you!

    And I ditto Sammy. You definitely weren't in the place they publish Conde Nast mags if you were at Seventeen in the Hearst building.

  26. Ah! Thanks guys! That would be a downer to misrepresent the magazine I'm working for & its publisher!

  27. wow lucky congratulations, take some pictures behind scenes!

  28. woah AMAZING !
    you're in 17 mag ! that's like one of my favorite all time magazines ! ahahha..
    I haven't got a chance to grab the magazine though . i will do so and check ur feature there !

    nice to get to know ur blog !

    am following :D

  29. Woah!! congrats!!! That is so huge!! I have a subscription to Seventeen and sometimes feel it's lacking something. Juts knowing you're behind the scenes makes me so much more excited to get it!! I'm sure you'll add some spice :)

  30. coool. looking forward to writing it!

  31. Totally jealous! How amazing for you! I bet it's going to just be amazing times.

  32. Amiable brief and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you on your information.

  33. Wow! Congratulations girl! That's an awesome achievement.

  34. hey :) i've just discovered your blog and love it! i'm going to follow you...

    I'm a fashion illustrator from Detroit. I hope you'll check out my work on my blog and follow me as well!


  35. Oh, what a great opportunity! Congratulations!

  36. I actually saw the issue before you posted and was like...I think I know this girl! My friend looked at me like I was insane; I clarified "Not in real life, a fashion blog!" She still rolled her eyes, but I was excited to see a familiar face and obviously it's exciting for you, too. Congrats!

  37. Claire, that video of you is so charming. You've got great charisma! I found you via weardrobe.

    Check out

    KeepItFvncy - M.E.


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