Lazy Friday


Woohoo! No school for the next few days!
What better way to celebrate than a few rounds of lounging around and doing absolutely nothing?!



Roll 288

This watch was my birthday present from last year, I'm really picky about watches because I like them to be either as plain as possible, or just like any regular piece of jewelry. This fit the bill since it looks like a normal chain bracelet.

thrifted wool sweater/thrifted button-down dress/J.crew leather belt/Made by Elves wingtips/Marc by Marc watch

I was obsessed with Philip Lim's fall 2009 collection when I first saw it, and I've been dying to use this sweater because the color reminded me of this particular feather piece from his collection. It's great & versatile, but rather itchy!


  1. The color of your belt is totally makes your outfit pop. I love the simplicity of a collared shirt and works pretty well together.

    XoXo Adri

  2. I will creep you in the night and steal those shoes.

  3. those shoes are magical...
    and topped with that neon orange belt -- perfect! :D can i have the belt at least?hehe.

  4. I dig your shoes. where did you get them? and definitely love the colors.

  5. i love ur cardigan! so cute :)

  6. i love the gold oxfords, simply an elegant touch to your divine outfit xx

    lexi colby

  7. Gorgeous! I love the belt and shoes, they are such wonderful colours :)

  8. Gorgeous watch!

    P.S.: ♥Please don't forget to join the Three Birds Designs giveaway!♥

    Good luck!


  9. the whole outfit is perfect :) especially the belt :D xxx

  10. green is definitely your color. i love that you kept this outfit simple to play up your features

  11. I had a pair of shoes exactly like this, but had to throw them out after the summer, they were too thick with muck! ahhh, so beautiful though.

  12. I love all the colours here, brilliant. Especially that pop of orange. Oh, and those shoes? way cool, I may steal those.

  13. I adore your clever style.

  14. i like your shoes!

  15. gosh!! those shoes!!!!!..The outfit is gorgeous in all.



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