I got a haircut you guys! yaaaay!


Marc Girl
My Marc by Marc bag! Straight outta Beacon's Closet, yo

Whenever I travel, I try to always keep something on me that keeps me closer to my loved ones. In many a case, it is this gold necklace with a monogram of my name designed by my mom (she's a graphic designer), and a glass pendant that my grandmother picked up for me on a trip she took to Venice.

collageforstuffOhh yes, different occasion (in this case, thanksgiving dinner), similar outfit to....

After returning from New York City, I got right back on the saddle & headed off to my aunt's house in Cape Cod, and I gotta say, it was a lovely place to celebrate Thanksgiving

The Weather was funny though..on one particular walk down the main road, the sun would come out...

Picnik collage ...and then it'd hide under a cloud or five
Picnik collage
Nope! No temperature tinting via iphoto here!Aviators-Ray Ban, Sweater- Lucky Brand (Thrifted), Denim Vest- Gap (Thrifted), Maxi Dress-Target, Flats-FS NY (via Buffalo Exchange in Williamsburg)

More than ever, I feel grateful for this blog, and everyone who stops by and maybe finds inspiration or incentive to try something new. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Now, before I get too mushy, I need to crank some Zeppelin & finish what's left of the chips from the airport...




I'm off to NYC tomorrow for something that I have to keep secret
...I know,I suck

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the belt can double as a wrist wrap, which is pretty neat
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Thrifted Jcrew silk top , Thrifted Jcrew button-down ,Kimchi & Blue cashmere cardigan,Thrifted jeans,vintage shoes,vintage leather belt

Here's a new cool and awesome feature on Weardrobe that you should check out 'cause it's cool and awesome:

((the jeans I'm wearing here are from Indidenim, a totally groovy custom jean company))

So my beloved Weardrobe.com (the folks responsible for the NYC Bloggers' Conference) has this nifty new feature

My girl Krystal got it down:

Not only can you upload and cataloge your own style photos and closet items, but now you can actually shop via their site, as they recently partnered with
like.com, an online shopping site that gives you similar item suggestions from a wide variety of retailers.

In other news, I've been featured on Befashionlike.com, trés nifty!

But there is some sad news today as well.

Daul Kim, a remarkably talented model, blogger, artist, and style icon has died at the age of 20.
She leaves behind an incredible body of work, and she will be missed

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To get a glimpse of how she was, check out her totally hilarious and charming antics on her fashion week video coverage for New York Magazine


Silk & Sparkle


I am in desperate need of a roomy handbag

...and maybe a life

Picnik collage- Blog inspiration
((some of my recent obsessions))
John Galliano S/S 2010, Hendrik Kerstens "Bag", A dollar I rolled up on my wall


My Jacket
This blazer came from my buddy Josh over the summer, my friends & I frequently swap clothes in our effort to not be broke



I was a little iffy on this ensemble at first, but what the hell right?

Tank-Men's Hurley


Lies My Weatherman Told Me


Excuses for infrequent posting:
-College application essays
(can't wait 'till I'm done with theseee!)
-Lack of a feeling of creativity
-More college apps
-Photobucket hates me (ARGH MY BANDWIDTH EXCEEDED)


Picnik collage

I was outrageously fortunate to have the opportunity to model in a local fashion event called
Mass Appeal in which I donned a piece from the line Dazzle Me Formal & was made to look totally badass (I couldn't help but think of YSL fall 2008 when they gave me black lipstick).



Since Buffalo isn't really a center for fashion like, oh say, Toronto (only 2 hours away!), it has been really hard for me to find consistent modeling work even though I have an agency & I've worked with many photographers in the area. Modeling has been an amazing source of connection to the fashion industry for me, so I can't help but feel a passion and love for a modeling job whenever an opportunity comes my way.

As a born and raised New Yorker having only lived in Buffalo for 4 years now, I was amazed and pleasantly surprised to find out that this event allowed me to see a new side of the Buffalo, one that I hadn't thought existed. I mean, Buffalo isn't exactly a fashion mecca, but it's full of creative, fashionable, diverse and realistic people when it comes to style. Oh, and did I mention that Adam Lippes of ADAM is from these parts? All-in-all, I met some wonderful people, got to spread news of my blog a bit, party it out, and managed to not smudge my black lipstick in the process.

By the way, you should check out my awesome friend Matt's blog 'cause he's cool & can rock a black bar on his eye like nobody's business.

In other news...
The weather we are experiencing here is totally not normal for November usually by now we're getting a little bit of snow or it's at least below 50º but it's been in the high 50's-60's lately I'm certainly not complaining :]

Picnik collage

It's amazing what a few pins will do to a crappy acrylic hat :]

Acrylic hats
Jacket-UO (thrifted)
Tank-Hurley (via men's section)
Shorts-DIY'd Delia*s



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