I got a haircut you guys! yaaaay!


Marc Girl
My Marc by Marc bag! Straight outta Beacon's Closet, yo

Whenever I travel, I try to always keep something on me that keeps me closer to my loved ones. In many a case, it is this gold necklace with a monogram of my name designed by my mom (she's a graphic designer), and a glass pendant that my grandmother picked up for me on a trip she took to Venice.

collageforstuffOhh yes, different occasion (in this case, thanksgiving dinner), similar outfit to....

After returning from New York City, I got right back on the saddle & headed off to my aunt's house in Cape Cod, and I gotta say, it was a lovely place to celebrate Thanksgiving

The Weather was funny though..on one particular walk down the main road, the sun would come out...

Picnik collage ...and then it'd hide under a cloud or five
Picnik collage
Nope! No temperature tinting via iphoto here!Aviators-Ray Ban, Sweater- Lucky Brand (Thrifted), Denim Vest- Gap (Thrifted), Maxi Dress-Target, Flats-FS NY (via Buffalo Exchange in Williamsburg)

More than ever, I feel grateful for this blog, and everyone who stops by and maybe finds inspiration or incentive to try something new. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Now, before I get too mushy, I need to crank some Zeppelin & finish what's left of the chips from the airport...


  1. You look wonderful in all these beautiful colors!

  2. Absolutley unique and beautiful. Love your hair too :)

    You take amazing photos!
    Hope to hear from you,
    Monika ♥

  3. I love how you really pull together this quirky, daring outfit! And the new hair looks totally fabulous.

  4. You look beautiful. Love it. Jeanne

  5. !
    I have the same blue pendant as you - I think my grandparents picked it up for me in Greece! It's a small world, hmm?
    &, loving your outfits. Especially that second one, mmm.

  6. i love the colours! And is that sonic the hedgehog? Hilariously awesome.

  7. I love your cartoon sweater! Bizarre sweaters are the shit.

  8. you have and amazinggg style!

    is your hair naturally curly?

    also what skin care products do you use? your skin is FLAWLESS! :))

  9. That sweater is so visually appealing!

  10. Love your hair, your sweater is so cute

  11. Your blogging style is unique and a joy to read. Thanks for the little pick me ups :)

  12. AMAZING!!! I love, love, love the outfit! The sweater is so funny and the jean vest gives it the final "cool" touch. (I think I have the same maxi dress, I love it!)

  13. I recognize that dress because I have it. I never thought about layering over it! Thanks

  14. the skirt is lovely, so relaxed and simple - is it just made of jersey?
    i think i may have to make one.

  15. hey; i have a question! for a kind of competition you need to send a picture of one of the most inspiring outits you've ever seen... and of course you need agreement of the person to use it. i'd love to send this outfit, are you okay with it? please email me or leave a comment



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