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Went to PRéMa last week and gots me a fresh color lewk and some hidden braids. I proceeded to make life 64% more fun by incorporating some gold star confetti because I have a whole bunch in a dish by my bed, and I never know what else to do with it other than place my phone on top of it like a A+ student mountain of glory.

 PRéMA's really fun, if you're in the city and need a new look, I suggest you check 'em out 'cause they're pretty new to NYC (they've been on Stanton st. since last August, originally from Australia) and the stylists there are some of the most informative and helpful I've ever sat with. 

Greg, who did my color, moved me in the right direction when I mentioned I wanted something that would 1. fade strategically as I start spending more time outside, and 2. enhance my natural texture. He went ahead and made the top section of my head about 1 shade darker than my ends, explaining that with curls and waves, a bit of "shadow" at the top will add some dimension and shape to my hair when it does its thang.

Dale styled me up and gave me some quick tips for what I should do when I need my hair out of my face and I don't want a palm tree on the top of my head. He suggested twisting an off-center section of hair from the back of the head, twisting forward and pinning behind my head. Voilá! Looks way better than the gathered-atop junk I tend to do

If you're in NYC, they're a salon worth visiting, especially if you're looking for something new, because their consultations are ON. POINT.  They'll for sure steer you in the right direction and give you something you probably wouldn't have thought of at first!

New York Salon: +1 (646) 861 3766



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