Look Back, Prada Spring 2010


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 photo PradaSpring2010DetailsKbIzjXZyNqwx_zps01cdc4b3.jpg

Imgs via Stylebistro

When this collection hit, everyone went nuts over the bejeweled lucite sandal heels, but I quietly fawned over the pointed numbers. I can see them being a little impractical since plastic doesn't breathe, but they look so gosh darn sleek and cool.

Sidenote though, can we talk about the clear acrylic toenails? What the what?

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Overall, Pretty Good







Vintage overalls (via Bib+Tuck), vintage boots, jacket & shirt, J Crew bag, Plukka bullet necklace

So spring appropriate, I've been DYING for a good pair of overalls since the warmer weather has kicked in! 
While it seems a lot of folks are reaching for their denim overalls this season, I've always found a denim version to be super heavy. The weight lends to their history as a work garment and can be super cool, but having a lighter, feminine version like these makes for a great spring ensemble that is light and great for romping around (please excuse the expression). Infinite gratitude to Dawn C for making these available!

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New Addition: Katherine Kwei Charlotte Satchel





Behold, Katherine Kwei's Charlotte satchel for Fall 2013.
I'm obsessed with this thing, Katherine isn't afraid to experiment from season to season with new shapes and skins, and her fall pieces are so darn cool and street savvy (see the others hurr). The second I saw the paint splatter snakeskin, I was totally into it; I just love how you can "see" the hand of the person who painted the skin. The mix of colors over the neutral skin makes the bag perfect for throwing over a basic ensemble, and anything that makes my life easier is welcome in my closet.

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vintage Oscar de la Renta blouse, W118 Walter Baker coat, Ben Sherman pants, Modern Vice boots, Vanessa Mooney body chain, vintage wrap belt

It's a lot going on, I know.
I'm pretty sure at some point it was decreed as a rule of the universe that everyone should have at least one pair of funky pants in their repertoire. To answer that calling, I've made it a point to whip these Ben Shermans out every once in a while when I'm feeling like crap. They remind me of the Beatles' Magical Mystery Tour period when they went with the whole mod-dandy thing and made it a point to wear those loud 60's print suits. Of course Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Frank Zappa and other bands were doing that sort of thing, but the Beatles made it especially whimsical. Loves that junk. 

After a good 3 or 4 days of unseasonably warm weather near the low 80's, NYC's skies turned to doom and gloom rather quickly, and so I decided to wear a bunch of prints at once to perk up the mood. The Winklepicker-inspired Jetts felt like a natural choice to keep in line with some semblance of a menswear vibe. I proceeded to walk to SoHo, grab a coffee, and find a patch of warm sunlight to sit and people-watch in.

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Double Tuck






J Brand jeans and Elizabeth and James heels via Bib+Tuck, Johnathan Simkhai tee, Vintage Coach bag, vintage belt, Vanessa Mooney cuff, De Lune x ByBoe eye necklace rings from Etsy, Vera Meat, Jenny Bird & Datter Industries

Threw together a whole bunch of asymmetric basics together on the first (VERY) warm day of Spring. My closet is full of these basic pieces that would seem plain as day if they didn't have little structural quirks. I have a hard time justifying a purchase if the piece I'm buying is nothing particularly special, so things like plain tee shirts or jeans need to have a little something extra if I'm going to feel right about exchanging paper for goods. This Johnathan Simkhai tee is probably one of the top 3 favorite things that I own; it's excellent in it's own right, but it's also amazing for layering under anything sleeveless.

Speaking of basics, ever since I started shopping on Bib + Tuck, I've been able to find AMAZING staples, like these great J Brands and E&J heels; and since I've been able to trade some pieces I've exhausted from my closet on the site, the spirit of recycling has been able to breathe new life into my closet. You can hear more about the pieces I've tucked in this outfit over on the Bib + Tuck blog, pop on over & say hi!

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Walking for Joe Fresh's First Anniversary



JOE FRESH ONE of A KIND 1 Year Anniversary

JOE FRESH ONE of A KIND 1 Year Anniversary



JOE FRESH ONE of A KIND 1 Year Anniversary


JOE FRESH ONE of A KIND 1 Year Anniversary

JOE FRESH ONE of A KIND 1 Year Anniversary
Creds to Neil Rasmus

I've been bedridden with a fever for the past 4 days, but I've finally mustered up enough strength to type out how insane this past week was for me (aside from being ill).

So on Wednesday, in celebration of Joe Fresh's first sucessful year in the states, myself and 19 other New York Fashion personalities walked in a little runway presentation styled by none other than Marie Claire's Zanna Roberts Rassi (who is an absolute sweetheart to the stars you guys omg). It was one of those moments where I had to really concentrate and ask myself over and over how exactly I had gotten there because I was absolutely dumbfounded and starstruck by everyone who I was selected to walk with (I'M NOT WORTHY, I'M NOT WORTHY!). Amongst the 20 of us were Peter Davis, Ari Seth Cohen, Lougé Delcey, Cory Kennedy, Dani Stahl, Steven Rojas, Michael Musto and of course Mickey Boardman, who I actually got to close the show with! We were all decked out in almost-monochrome spring-ready outfits, and after a couple of mimosas, all of us lined up and knocked that show out of the park! All-in-all, it was an absolute dream, lemme tell ya.

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Something Else/Koshka Giveaway Time!






Something Else tee (via KOSHKA), Vintage coat, BDG jeans, Foley and Corinna backpack, TUK creepers (c/o Urban Outfitters)

Super stoked that I get to collab with Koshka again, this time for you cool dudes! Koshka has this great 90's theme going on for April, so in line with that, we have devised a giveaway with this crazy amazing  Falling Moon tee. I'm such a sucker for ancient symbols, and this piece has such a cool print along with its slouchy-chill design structure.

So here's the drill:
 Use the widget below to sign on up, you've got until the 10th for a chance to win this fabulous thang, and you've got a couple options: Sign up on Facebook for your initial entry, then, feel free to follow these dudes on Twitter for an extra entry, and/or , if you're feeling brave, sign up for their emailing lsit for 2 extra entries! Good Luck, lovelies!

-This Contest has ended-

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