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Before our trip to Idaho last month, I bought a copy of Seiichi Hayashi's 1970 hit Red Colored Elegy to read on the plane. It's not really something you "read"- I'd be more comfortable with the idea that you just fall into the story. It's a hugely influential indie manga with an elusive, loose plot about two young artists living as a couple while each of them attempt to figure out what it is that they want on their own. I bought the book because of this series ^ which is from a calendar Hayashi made in 2008 called "Modern Beauty".

I love these moment not just because each person is incredibly elegant and stylish, but also because Seiichi Hayashi is able to sneak in tons of information and texture into each frame- whether it's a cocktail winking through a glass, the edges of a rug or a perfume bottle on the beach, it's like he picks up on the little details you'd focus on each object or person if you just scanned your eyes across the scene. It's an enviable everyday, probably taken for granted, but also quiet and humbly beautiful.

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