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Miu Miu frames via DITTO, Jcrew and Aritzia sweaters

So I'm trying out this service that DITTO recently rolled out called Endless Eyewear, which essentially allows you to rent a limitless number of high-end frames every month for 24 bucks, and then prescription frames for 10 bucks more.

These nosebleed-expensive $750 Linda Farrow titanium time travellers? $24 bucks for a month.
These charming multicolored Vera Wang crystal frames? $24 smackaroos for 30-31 days.

I desperately wanted to try these Miu Mius ( the ones I've photographed here) for a little bit, so this whole thing worked out for me. I wasn't sure about the Lavender tinted lenses, but I've really come to like them since they arrived, pink velvet box-and-all, because I can still wear them outside juuuust before the sun goes down. Plus with this haircut I kinda look like a 1970's record exec, which I don't know how to feel about yet after watching Vinyl, but so far so good. 
Anyway, I think I'm gonna try these next.

Good thing is that Ditto has developed this thing on their site where you can try glasses on virtually, and it looks pretty much exactly how they come. Remember this post? I used the Ditto try-on app for it.

Anywho, if you're curious about a pair of frames you might wanna try or if you just wanna have an awesome rotating wardrobe of the newest eyewear to come out, go ahead and feel free to use promo code CLAIREGEIST here!

Tryin' this out courtesy of DITTO
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