Aaaand Here was my Halloween Costume



Documenting Halloween costume: I was a T-Rex Marc Bolan as the Mad Hatter, minus face paint because I'm pale enough. I haven't seen Born to Boogie in aaaaages (well, to be honest, I haven't seen it entirely in order either, but it's a concert film that can be fragmented and still trippy and visually delicious).

Ringo Starr also directed it and shows up in it, so that's cool too.

Most of the ex-Beatles' post-break-up movie escapades were- if not always successful at their release- almost always at least delightfully creative endeavors. George Harrison, for example, started his own film studio (we wouldn't have "The Life of Brian" or "Withnail and I" without him), and Ringo also produced and appeared in films like "200 Motels" and Harry Nilsson's gorgeous animated tv film "The Point" (although I also like the Dustin Hoffman version that Ringo Replaced, but I digress...). "Born to Boogie" was the only thing Ringo directed, but you can tell how well he channeled the influences he acquired from working on stuff like HELP! and The Magical Mystery Tour film too.

Aaaaaaanyway, here's my costume ^ most of the assemblage is vintage, and honestly I don't know why I don't dress like that every day, it felt really cool.


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  2. He is absolutely right! Paris is one of the top cities to show your own line. That's a no-brainer. I would love Paris to be the first city I visit for my first ever fashion show. I want to see a lot of designers. I want to see Gucci most especially!



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