Dinner on a Rooftop Farm with Free People








Aiight, I seriously suck for not sharing these shots sooner, but if it weren't for Free People, I wouldn't have been able to feast on a farm...on a roof.

Yes folks, behold: The Brooklyn Grange, where the produce comes right outta an industrial rooftop, providing Brooklynites with fresh produce and the chance to learn about sustainable urban farming and agriculture. They grow food, sell food, and provide education for those who want to get into urban farming and gardening themselves.

So what happened back in September was that the folks from Free People Me threw this wildly beautiful vegan dinner for some influency-type folks with vegetables and produce provided by the Grange. I was running around like an idiot trying to look at and smell everything growing up there that I barely really got to hang out, but it was pretty amazing nonetheless. Now that Fall is here, I'm just shaking my head at how much I know I'm going to miss nights like that one.

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