Teen Vogue Spotted



Cheap Monday top & boots (c/o), Vintage Levis shorts, Rebecca Minkoff camera bag (c/o), Asos hat

Just dug up this snap Mark Iantosca took for Teen Vogue this past Fashion Week (ah, summer...). Rebecca Minkoff totally floored me when they sent me a monogrammed freaking camera bag!! Total highlight of my month. It was also just what the doctor ordered considering how there is nothing I hate more than lugging my giant SLR in bags that don't keep it entirely safe. Two thumbs way, way up, RMinks.

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Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent jacket (c/o), Quiksilver button-up (c/o), Big Star coated jeans (c/o), vintage boots, Asos hat (similar), Bodhi bag (c/o), Byboe necklaces

There's this playground on the outskirts of my apartment complex that I never see people in. After a year living of so close to it, I've barely seen anyone use the playground or baseball fields at all, so every once in a while I'll sit on a bench & do some reading or my friends and I will use the swings like responsible twenty-year-olds.

Did you ever have a dress or a pair of shoes or a coat that you LOVED to wear as a six year old? That piece of clothing that your parents only let you wear on "special occasions" that you just wanted to dress-up in and wear everyday? This coat totally reminded me of those good 'ol days. Much like the glittery mary janes that my mom only let me wear to my uncle's wedding and not to school when I was eight, I've been DYIG to break this jacket out all season. It was still on the warmer side, but as soon as I saw them clouds this morning, that sucker was getting worn out the door. Cynthia Vincent makes the greatest jackets & blazers, I swear, and this guy is no exception. I love gaudy faux fur coats, but this has a 70's-glam flavor to it, so I had to give it a little edge.

I've been really digging this Bodhi bag too. Drawstrings are usually kinda hard for me to style, but this piece has really great hardware to go with the paneled leather & calf hair. Not to mention enough pockets to keep my stuff organized for class. All in all, it was a ready-for-anything kind of ensemble for a day that started i class & eded up in the playground with a George Harrison twist, I guess.

PSST- That eye necklace I'm wering is a part of my upcoming collaboration with Byboe! They're still in the works & not out yet, but I'll keep you guys posted!!

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I think it's safe to say I have a bit of a thing for rings, seeing as how they've been a frequent subject on my Instagram lately.
Most of the pieces I have are vintage, but my favorite contemporary pieces are from Cheap Monday (like these endlessly stackable shape rings), Plukka & a few other snags from Etsy & eBay.

I've been wearing my Datter Industries eye ring every day for about 6 months and I don't plan on ever taking it off. I especially love wearing sterling silver and brass rings because the more you wear them, the more polished they become, simply from the oils on your hands. I can't help but find that comforting.

A few more additions on my wish list: (1), (2), (3), (4), (5)

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Asos crop top, Cheap Monday jeans (c/o), Dolce Vita boots, vintage Oscar de la Renta blouse, vintage sunglasses & Coach bag

A romp around Brooklyn with Kimi back when the sun was on the brink of being a bit much.

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Isabella Fiore giveaway // Packing Like a BOSS



ph by Kim

This was all I packed for our trip to Amsterdam.
I'm a firm believer in packing super light when it comes to traveling, I prefer to not check my bags because I'm always so anxious to get out & explore my new surroundings when I arrive at a destination airport. Waiting for a bag at a carousel is like chewing on tinfoil as I impatiently bop around waiting for my stuff to roll around, and I'm always worried that the bag is never going to actually show up (I've never had a lost bag, but what if, dude?!). So in my efforts to keep things moving, I've devised a system that makes packing SO much easier. Allow me to demonstrate...


This is a typical week's-worth of stuff that I'd bring with me on my primary carry-on (not including personal "shtuff" because nobody wats to see that). Here's the deal: you don't need to bring a bajillion different things with you when you can just rotate a bunch of really great basics. I always wear my heaviest garments while I'm traveling, not only does it avoid the extra bulk in my bag, it also prepares me for when the flight is freeeezing, which it usually is, and those flight blakets they give you do NOT cut it. In this case, I'd wear my two sweaters, my scarf and my boots on the plane, & then pack everything else.

Now, I'll assume a lot of you usually pack your clothes in folded stacks, as shown above, but here's the secret to getting more space in your bag...


Rolling them clothes up!
Not only does this avoid a good amount of wrinkling, it also gives you way more space in your bag, you can create even more room if you roll stuff together (i.e. rolling shirts together, pants etc...). Line the bottom of the bag with your garments and arrange accessories accordingly.



Giveaway Time!

And now, my dearies, a chance for you to win my absolute favorite travel bag! Isabella makes some seriously rad bags that remind me of traveling down a dusty road in Arizona. The Adele is one of my favorite all-purpose carry-alls, and now I'm partnering up with Isabella Fiore to give away one of these beautiful bags to a lucky reader! All ya gotta do is 'like' Isabella on Facebook for your initial entry, and then check back every day for a chance to earn yourself more entries! You can follow Isabella on Twitter for +1 entry, or, if you're feeling ballsy, tweet at us for +3 entries! Super easy-peasy, contest ends on 10/23, so be sure to check back every day until then!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Curls on Film


Oh, the infinite dorkiness that I am...
I had a chit chat with the Paul Mitchell folks about my #CurlConfession and what it means to be a Curly-Q. I'm a firm believer in totally embracing your curls & flaunting your natural texture.

Share your own #CurlConfession ova on the Paul Mitchell FB page & tell me you agree!!

a collaboration with Paul Mitchell
all content and opinions are my own

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Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent blazer (c/o), Free People dress (c/o), A+Ro snood, Asos hat, Cheap Monday platform shoes (c/o), Rebecca Minkoff bag (c/o), De Lune x Vanessa Mooney Sacred Heart medallion necklace, Jewelmint locket

Posted a bit of a preview of this last week, lotsa Fall essentials & stuff I couldn't wait to wear out all at once, patterns et all. The FP dress & TS blazer are new acquisitions that are prefect for this very transitional weather we're having: brisk in the morning & early evening, warm in the afternoon. Although my favorite scarf is blocking the amazing 90's a-line sleeveless collar, it makes it perfect for layering, and I can totally wear it on its own once the weather kicks up again in the spring. Cynthia's Twelfth Street blazers are amazing, she's really my favorite in that department, and this Ikat print is sweeeeet!

When Vanessa & I were working on the Medallion necklace, we chose the 3 different pearl colors to reflect different symbolic meanings. White pearls are of course classic, but they also represent clarity & peace of mind, which is kinda comforting when you get to wear them out. It's also comforting wearing them knowing they go towards a great cause :]

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Day 2: Amsterdam x Hanazuki











Forever 21 sweater, Cheap Monday skirt, Paul & Joe backpack, vintage boots, Asos hat

Our second day in Amsterdam was an adventure indeed. As I mentioned in the last post, we found ourselves in Amsterdam in the first place because of Hanazuki, quite possibly the cutest brand ever (see for yourself, the site is newly launched!). The day before, we were invited over to This is a Robot studios, where we were introduced to the Hanazuki characters and given our own prints assigned to us based on our personalities. My print is called Tutti Frutti, which I can't help but love for how quirky & graphic it is. At the studio, we took our fabric and made a pair of leggings that we were able to style the next day for a very Hanazuki inspired photoshoot.

So now I guess I have to talk about my hair.
When I walked into hair & makeup, the hairstylist told me that he wanted to put color in my hair to compliment my crazy colorful pattern theme and of course I said "YEAH! Sure!" thinking it was going to be a few sections, maybe a highlight or two...
But oh my dearies before I knew it, they descended upon my hair with almost 10 different cans of colored hair powder, spraying it entirely white before filling in rainbow gradients. I'm not going to lie, it was alarming at first, but of course I ended up LOVING it as the shoot went on. I looked at myself in disbelief, but it only made the fleeting trip even more memorable and amazing. That night we headed out to explore the rest of the city in all its nightlife glory and I never felt cooler.

Flight to Amsterdam paid for by Hasbro
all content and opinions are my own

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Day 1: Amsterdam x Hanazuki


















Vintage coat, boots, belt & scarf, Big Star jeans, Asos hat, Plukka bullet ring, Cheap Monday geometric ring set, Datter Industries eye ring

I've been trying to wrap my head around what this week was like for the past 3 days and it has't been that simple. I was in Amsterdam for just 2 days, but it felt like forever as Christina, KimSonia, Kaila and I were frisked away from morning 'till night, seeing as much of the city as we possibly could. To say the least, it was probably the most exciting & wonderful trip I've ever been on.

Ever since blogging became a part-time thing for me, I've wanted nothing more than to travel and see as much of the world as possible through the gaze of fashion & art.  After reading endlessly on art history and constantly wondering about how much culture has made Fashion such a wonderfully varied industry, I've been itching to escape NYC- even the States in general for that matter- in search of what it means to be in an environment and how that shapes your perspective on the world around you. With Johannes Vermeer being my favorite Renaissance painter, I've always wanted to see Holland in person, and I really couldn't believe how accurate the paintings I've seen all my life are.

Amsterdam is a city situated around canals, as you might have guessed, and the interplay of water, air and sun is absolutely magical throughout the whole city. From our first day touring around the city, I couldn't believe how insanely beautiful the light looked everywhere we went. It peeked through the early Fall trees and bounced off of the water like nothing I've ever seen. Christina and I managed to get ourselves VERY lost when we broke off to explore and do some vintage shopping, but that is always my favorite thing to do in a new place, so I ca't complain. I can honestly say I've never been so drawn to a city before.

Which brings me the very reason we found ourselves there in the first place: Hanazuki. After a few hours of strolling around the city and a nice lunch, we made it over to This is a Robot Studios, where we were introduced to this very, very new brand that follows the adventures of Hanazuki, a little moon flower girl who tackles the dream world with the help of all sorts of little cute creatures. More on that in the next post, though, Hanazuki's tha bomb!

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