Strap & Scarf





Forever 21 blouse, Cooperative shorts, vintange errythang else

Pretty much in a crisis right now after totaling my camera, but rest assured, things will be resolved (I promise).
 Other than that, classes have started aaaaaand I'm all swept up in seeing old friends, bopping around my campus and trying to keep my head on straight in the process. I scheduled all of my classes in the morning to keep my afternoons and evenings open for blog-related appointments, but man, it is hard to get up in the morning after a whole summer of sleeping impossibly late (I'm talkin' waking up and it's dinner time. Not OK.).

Other than that, I've been crazy for these leather suspenders I found not too long ago. It adds some menswear goodness to these excellent shorty short shorts, they're great for making basic bottoms all the more cool, so expect to see these more often. I also decided to add some color by wrapping my beloved granny scarf around my Coach backpack, which is something my mom used to do. It looks a little messy, but it's nice to have on-hand and I love how the strands seem to drip from the folds around the bag.

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Talkin' Beauty (pt. II)



For my second installment in this week of beauty answers to beauty questions, I'm tackling those inquiries pertaining to how I get my hair 'did, while showing you guys how I'm getting Fall Semester/Fashion Week ready. Click below to get the scoop:


Talkin' Beauty (pt. I)



So, I get a lot of questions about my skin/hair/makeup routines, which surprises me because I am nowhere close to a makeup aficionado extraordinaire like, let's say Arabelle or Keiko (hai, guys), but I definitely have my favorite products and my everyday go-tos. I thought I'd do a little series of posts on what my beauty thoughts and routines are. Click below to see the first installment:


Inky Sky









Asos polo-neck crop top, vintage pants, sunglasses & boots, vintage Coach backpack, American Apparel jacket (c/o), Giles & Brother railroad pike cuff (c/o)

Easy-peasy Saturday evening. The boyfriend and I indulged in Kennedy Fried Chicken for dinner with corner store ice cream for dessert. We watched the murky sunset on the boardwalk park but barely managed to keep the moment sentimental as we inhaled the bucket of fried chicken in tandem.

Everything's becoming more early-to-mid-90's in my world. Lots of high-waisted stuff, menswear-inspired accents and boots worn with everything if possible. Crop tops are always welcome and playlists are full of Radiohead, The Smashing Pumpkins & Fiona Apple. Appropriately enough, American Apparel invited me down to their Warehouse Sale in SoHo on Friday, which is where I snagged this men's denim jacket and it is just what the sartorial doctor ordered. I also found some other one-of-a-kinds, so if you're in nyc and in need of basics, you really need to stop by & dig in before it's over.

A HUUUUUUUGE congrats to Sandi, who won the Eddera giveaway, and an even bigger thanks to everyone who entered! Stay tuned for the next one coming up this week, it's gonna be most excellent.

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Vintage everything except for the Cheap Monday platform boots (c/o) & By Boe octagon necklace (c/o)

Just fooling around the apartment complex.
I've had these shorts since high school and they're juuuust starting to get worn down, which is pretty astounding considering how much I wear them (cougheverdayprettymuch). My loves over at Cheap Monday continue to blow minds with their Fall '12 collection. These boots were love at first sight and they're perfect for adding some blocky awkwardness to a dress or something that would otherwise seem too sweet. Here, they just help me climb things.

You know you want that Eddera headband!! Check the post below

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De Lune x Eddera Paris







Forever 21 blouse & skirt, vintage Coach satchel, vintage boots via Etsy, Warby Parker sunglasses (c/o), Theyskens' Theory sweater, Eddera headband (c/o)

Jason got me to leave the apartment for an excursion to Bon Chon here in the East Village. We missed Nadia, who completes our dinner adventure trifecta.

TV has been keepin' me at home with the popcorn for some time now. If it's Not Rome on HBO or Louie on FX, it's every episode of My So-Called Life on Netflix. I digress, it looks like inspiration taken from Rome and My So-Called Life finally melded together when I was compelled to wear this insanely beautiful gold wreath headband from Eddera with a whole mess of 90's-inspired pieces. Having fairly short (and fairly curly) hair makes it hard for me to really get creative with styling it, which is why I totally adore this simple and beautiful headband. Just having it peek through messy hair is a lovely accent for prettying up an outfit.

A promotion with Eddera
all content and opinions are my own

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A Shoot With Tan Camera










Last Friday Kimi (aka Tan Camera) shot me for a series she's working on. Taken on three different kinds of film (including the double exposures, which were shot on polaroids that Kimi pulled some tricks on), we ran around my apartment complex acting like fools and cooing at every dog that passed by.

I love Kimi's wonderstruck aesthetic. Her photography is really cool and I implore y'all to check her out over at Tan Camera & send a like her way on Facebook.

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Now & Later





Paul & Joe Sister dress, thrifted Gap vest, Cheap Monday boots & double breacelet, Pour la Victoire Calais satchel, Warby Parker sunglasses, Giles & Brother spike cuff

After a lovely mini-vacation of taking le bf's family around NYC, it was still nice to get back into the swing of things. I ran into Natalie (a.k.a. my twin) earlier in the afternoon for some serious catching up & romping around SoHo, where we ran into Koo (Hi, Koo!!) and hit up a few stores.

 I wore this out all day and didn't get home until super late. After trying to recover from a nasty, horrible storm over the weekend, the weather was all over the place. Sunny and delightful one moment, then cloudy & moody the next. I'm always going to wear boots no matter what it's like outside though. Don't matter if it's 10º or 82º, they're on my feet. I loved wearing these burgundy ankle boots with this insanely comfortable Paul & Joe Sister dress, perfect out-and-about ensemble for me.

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Gem 'n i







Forever 21 blouse, Pinkyotto Shorts, Rebecca Minkoff Swing bag, Candela shoes, Asos hat, Giles & Brother Railroad Spike cuff

Seeing double?

I know this hat makes appearances on this blog a whole mess of a lot as it is, but as the summer wears on I find myself becoming more and more concerned with sun protection. This hat compensates for when my sunscreen wears off for sure! I don't mind throwing it on with everything knowing that I've got shade on my head at all times.

Giles & Brother sent over the cuff the other day and I have been wearing it almost as much as my hat this week.  I've been a huge fan of Giles & Brother ever since I found one of their nut & bolt bracelets on the sidewalk last year while I was walking home in Brooklyn. Unfortunately I came to lose it myself after months on non-stop wear, but that just made me geek out even more when the sibling design team behind the brand, Courtney (Giles) & Philip (Brother) Crangi, contacted me. Their use of historical references in their incredibly personal collections is incredibly inspiring. I can't help but love how they made something as crass and angry-looking as a nail look so delicate and chic while you wear it, and the ends of the nail peek out from the sides of your wrist.

 On this particularly lovely afternoon, JustinBonnieChristina & I met up and beat the heat by first visiting the Rebecca Minkoff offices for Ben & Jerry's frozen yogurt (the Banana + PB flavor is the best frozen yogurt I've ever had) and then hitting up the Cynthia Vincent boutique on Elizabeth street for snowcones (Thanks Angie!!). I had a "Tiger Blood" snowcone, which is strawberry & coconut syrup (to die for), but the winner was the Birthdaycake snowcone, which tasted like everything in Coldstone Creamery combined. Weirdly fantastic & much needed on a summer afternoon.

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