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For my second installment in this week of beauty answers to beauty questions, I'm tackling those inquiries pertaining to how I get my hair 'did, while showing you guys how I'm getting Fall Semester/Fashion Week ready. Click below to get the scoop:

I'm super cereal, you guys

So, as I mentioned in my last post, my hair is particularly finicky because it is both curly and it undergoes regular color up-keep. This could make things stressful, but a bit of hair education has kept my hair routine fairly simple and has prevented it from getting fried. The following post is kinda lengthy, but it's an entire breakdown of how I get my hair did.


So here's how my hair looks after a Summer's worth of being outside, even with with color-protect spray (my last post done after a color touch-up was here this one). It's pretty blah. My blonde roots have grown in to close to an inch, and it's also time for a haircut to get the extra bulk out. So, I head down to Arrojo for a cut/color appointment with my boos John & Dylan.

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So, Dylan sits me down and takes a look at my color. Red dye, as some of you might know, is the most prone to fading of any other shade. The pigments don't stay vibrant for very long, but that doesn't mean the resulting color is just a reminder of how often you're exposing your color to outside forces. To give my color an upgrade for Fall with some added dimension, Dylan suggests we "pull" the color through, first dyeing my roots and then applying the rest of the color by pulling it through the ends of my hair. She attacks it like so:


Dylan's awesome

Aside from just "going darker", I'm never 100% sure how to choose the right shade for the Fall. Dylan told me that inspiration for hair and makeup, not unlike style trends, stems from mood. Think about it, when you think of Fall, you think of warm spices, leaves in different colors, and cozy knits. We go for a shade that will warm up my cool, pale skin. Dylan throws a glaze on top of the color to give it extra staying power. Choosing the right seasonal shade means blending in with your surroundings, and even though it isn't getting cold for a while still, the color I get now will fade gracefully into something more fitting.


Ah, yes, John's been cutting my hair for a year now and there's never a visit when I don't learn something new. John has curly hair too, so he always gives me tips and tricks that he uses on his own hair.

My haircut has a very specific shape to it. I wanted something kind of androgynous, so we go the pseudo-70's shag route. It's sculpted with a razor to have a sort of "bump" situation in the back with longer pieces on the side that are cut along the shape of my face. Now, before I go off saying every person with curly hair should get their hair cut with a razor, allow me to warn thee. John explained that using a razor to cut curly hair is only the way to go if the person cutting it really knows what they're doing with their razor. The razors used at Arrojo are FREAKING SHARP, like surgery-grade steel sharp. A razor that is dull and/or used incorrectly, will not only make cuts inconsistent, it'll make them limp, frizzy and not all that curly. When used correctly to make layers, a razor will encourage curls to fall into the shape the razor is guided in, and will leave space for curls to fall and create movement.


After the cut, John dries my hair with a diffuser, but not one that I've ever seen before. Lookin' a lot like a sock at the end of the hairdryer, this diffuser has metal mesh on the inside with layers of fabric, halting the airflow and just emitting the heat from the dryer. This is something that every person with curly hair needs because it's the air from the dryer that makes hair frizzy when you use a hairdryer.

Even if you don't have a diffuser, John told me that he just dries his hair by wringing it out with regular 'ol paper towels and then letting it air-dry. Paper towels suck up excess water, but keeps every hair in place without encouraging frizz. I've been following the same regimen, and quite honestly it's been the most effective thing I've ever done to avoid frizz. It's probably the best tip I've gotten regarding my curls.



So, that's that! I added the profile views to give an idea of what shape john cuts my hair in. With school starting back up on Monday with Fashion Week right abound the corner, it makes me feel a whoooooole lot more confident when my hair is up-to-peak. I never like my hair to be overly fussy because between school and blog work, I don't have time to be slaving over my locks. Dylana nd John over at Arrojo make my life a whole lot easier for sure!


If you live in NYC and are at all interested in having John drop some curly-knowledge on ya and maybe a haircut along with it, he is offering 20% off any first time haircuts to my readers! Feel free to book an appointment with him over at Arrojo, ask for John Shannon, and let him know you're a De Lune reader and he'll treat ya kindly. To get my same color treatment, I highly suggest you visit Dylan Hawkins, who is amazing with redheads, as she is a fiery one herself!

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  1. thanks for the tips, I have even curlier hair than you and I seriously needed a way to handle it!


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  3. I'm a curly girl too, and am trying to figure out how to get bangs like yours. I really love your hair. What level of stylist is John? I'm trying to figure out pricing.



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