All Hallows



From l to r:
AllSaints dress, Alexander McQueen boots,Gareth Pugh shred dress, Raquel Allegra sweater, Balmain jeans and pin dress, Asos collar tips, Auriel Bidermann ring, Jason Wu dress, Gryphon sequinned top, Skull brooch, Balmain red leather dress, Gareth Pugh chiffon detail pants, Lanvin cream gown.

Yes, my pretties, we all know what today is! 
I'm more of an icky-creepy-Rocky-Horror-Beetlejuice kind of Halloween person. I love my fair share of Tim Burton movies (well, more like all of them) and I'm secretly sad I'm getting older because I stil love trick or treating. 

My festivities were disrupted by work today, so the selection of photos of my costume are few until I go off to my bff Elanna's house for un partay. I decided this year to go as La Marchesa Luisa Casati, one of my all-time favorite figures in fashion history. An eccentric Italian heiress in the early half of the twentieth century, she served as muse and patron to the arts after winning over the admiration of artsits everywhere who were drawn to her insanely alluring look and impeccable & eccentric sense of style. She was photographed, painted and sculpted by numerous artists including Man Ray and Augustus John. 

La Marchesa enjoyed taking strolls with her pet cheetahs, wearing live snakes as jewelry and going out naked under an assortment of furs. Nude servants decked in gold leaf attended her and she kept wax mannequins as dinner guests when she was alone. 
I mean, how could you not love that?!

I, unfortunately, do not possess an amassed fortune to afford a pet cheetah or a small plethora of fur garments (ew anyway) to make things more convincing. I can, however wear tons of black lace, kohl my eyes and carry a cheetah print calf hair clutch in place of the real deal for tonight.

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FFF: Lipschtick



Happy Friday everyone!! Y'all know what that means!
First off, thank you everyone for all the wonderful comments on my last post, I'm so glad you guys are just as excited for fall as I am! So, from what I noticed, I've received a lot of feedback in my last post about the lipstick I'm wearing, and I've noticed that tends to happen when I post stuff in which I am donning a bit of color, so today I thought I'd go through my 3 faves on constant rotation.

To start, above is my favorite red lipstick of-all-time-ever-ever-ever, my YSL Rouge Volupté in Red Muse. You can see me wearing it most recently in this post. Anything else I usually go for in a lipstick is matte as life, but this one is glossy and is really the only thing own that I consider to have diva power. It doesn't have the staying power of my other two faves, but the color is just so rich and the lipstick itself has a really wonderful, velvety texture. Also, my mom and I both look great in this color, which is another one of the reasons why I love it so much.

(ps-that pursette is from Forever 21)


Stila's Long Wear Lipcolor in Paramour is another great one. Last posted about here, this color is also really nice against blue tones, so I usually find myself reaching for it in the colder months when my hair and eyes pop against the darker palate of the season. One thing, it can get a little dehydrating, so I just prep my lips with a little balm before I apply it, which, I mean, you should do anyways, but after that, this stuff stays great all day!


And finally, here's what I wore in my last post and this other one, Sephora's Rouge Cream Lipstick in Love Test.  Lemme tell ya, when they say "long lasting" on this one my dudes, they MEAN it. This line of lipsticks in Sephora's namesake collection is absolutely amazing, you totally 100% get your money's worth with their incredible staying power and vibrancy. I plan on getting like, maybe, 5 more colors in this line because they're so dependable

Side note on the nails!: Just yesterday Natalie and I went showroom-hopping for some previews, and we had the BEST time over at Dietch PR  where we got to check out the latest from lines like AGAIN, In My Air and (my fave) Kahlo. We were also given Shellac manicures by CND and I really don't think I can recover from this one you guys, oh my word. Shellac, aka powerpolish, stays chip-free for about two weeks, and unlike Gel manicures, it doesn't destroy your nails. I'm not even kidding when I tell you I full-on "gasp!"ed when my nails were done because they looked so shiny and perfect! Definitely a recommendation, best manicure I've ever had for sure!! 


Folding into Fall








Vintage blouse, Bird by Juicy Couture blazer, Moorea Seal chevron necklace, thrifted Jordache jeans, Aldo heels, Rebecca Minkoff Covet satchel, thrifted piece of fabric that is now a scarf

I know it's fall now that I've thrown on this amazing Bird blazer again. I think this month marks my one-year anniversary with it in my closet, and it has remained an absolute staple. I paired it up with some awesome patterns, including this scarf that is actually just a huge square of fabric I found in a thrift bin, can't complain! I love the dusty colors, so expect to be seeing it a lot on here from now on!

I was generously gifted this triple chevron necklace from Moorea whose work I've known about for a while. Her designs always balance the right amount of edge with geometry and earthy elements. I love Chevron triangles, you see them throughout history in architecture all over the world, so to be able to don them is really cool! Along with my fuchsia lips, it was a great finishing touch as I walked out the door to enjoy the day.


So, This Happened

















B&W shots stolen from Christina

I can barely even begin to describe the bombtastic evening I had at Sir Studios with The Girls. After hopping off from a Kenneth Cole Spring 2012 presentation, we headed a few blocks down to attend a private show from 50 Cent for the launch of the Motorola Razr. I basically relived middle school for a hot second when he performed his 2003-2005 hits, it was sick. I was absolutely reeling when he came out and performed P.I.M.P. whilst donning a white pimptastic fedora. I mean really, I could have died right then and there.

What came after was a series of party hops that involved piling into a van with about 10-15 cool cats, some of whom I wish I could remember so I could credit them for a couple photos here. Oh, did I mention this happened on a Tuesday evening? What is my life?!?!?!


Autumn Sun












Alpinesrars by Denise Focil top, Sparkle & Fade bralette, vintage skirt, Gap flats, Melie Bianco bag, Jewelmint pomander necklace

Injecting some summery flow into my Fall ensembles lately, something that's pretty much effortlessly done when you have anything Denise has designed for Astars. This perfectly sheery top has an interesting bias cut down the front that wraps really nicely. She has a wonderful way of injecting some interesting details into her pieces!

I wore this whilst chilling around the Village a bit. I live in this labyrinth of an apartment complex, so even though I've been living here for about 5 months, there's always a new garden to stumble across or a new favorite chill spot on the lawn, it makes blog photo opportunities quite abundant! I also had the always lovely opportunity of chilling with my loves Natalie & Christina I piled some necessities into my new Jasmine satchel from Melie. I LOOOOOVE the clasp on this guy and the shape holds all my stuff for classes really nicely. Life is good when your accessories make your day easy to carry around with you!


Giveaway: Who Makes you Feel Pretty Powerful?


mom sunglasses

mom sun

mom outfit

mom + dad

mom beach

Heya Ladies! So today I'm ecstatic to be teaming up with Bobbi Brown, whose work I've worshipped since I was about 13 years old, to talk about her newest campaign which celebrates natural beauty-beauty with or without makeup, it's Pretty Powerful! I have learned all about makeup thanks to Bobbi's amazing book, Teenage Beauty, which helped me learn so much about myself and how to use makeup to feel more confident and not hide behind it. It was my mom who gave me that book, and that's partially why she makes me feel Pretty Powerful.

When asked about who I ge my most inspiration from, I always say my mom. Her absolutely effortless style and collected philosophies on fashion brought me to love fashion and adore every facet of the industry. She taught me that when you wear something, you should tell a story or at least re-live a memory. She puts herself into every outfit whether it's the hat she designed herself for my parents' wedding, or the perfect shade of lipstick that she and I both wear (YSL Rouge Volupté in Red Muse). She's the coolest, and I'm proud to have her as my mama!

Now that I've told you my story, I want to hear your stories! Who or what makes you feel pretty powerful? GIVEAWAY TIME!! Vote or Submit in Bobbi's Competition HERE, follow me on Twitter and then Tweet at me with your stories using the hashtag #PrettyPowerful by Saturday 10/22 and I'll send a winner one of these palates:


Tweet here Face Here

Can't wait to read your stories everyone!!


Village Roof Party









Photos by Nat
Winter Kate kimono wrap, Improv'D jacket, Upson Downes shirt,vintage belt, Lucca Couture shorts, Accessorize tights, Restricted boots

Apologies guys, FFF shall be postponed for a few days thanks to midterms, but rest assured I've got something cookin' as we speak :]
However we can talk about hair 'cause if you thought my hair was straight in that last post I did, here it is REALLY sleek thanks to another stellar trip to Arrojo! I figured, what the hell, why not?

These were taken up on Natalie's roof, an awesome place for photos when you consider the graphic elements you get from the tops of neighboring buildings and a seemingly endless skyline! We ventured up there earlier in the week and realized it was a great chill spot! Hooray for great friends with roof access!! It was also hella windy outside, which made playing with flowy pieces like this Winter Kate cardigan super fun, I love stuff like that. This jacket has also been on heavy rotation thanks to dropping temperatures. It's got this great cut and a zip-up turtleneck sweater collar that can be worn a bunch of different ways. I gotta get some photos the next time I wear it and zip the neck up to just under my eyes. Toasty!!



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