DIY: Turn a Men's Tank into a Girly Racerback



Since I've been back in my old room I've been doing a lot more hands-on projects like I used to do back in high school when I had much more time to occupy myself. This got me thinking "Man, I haven't done  D.I.Y. post since the Spinal Tee!" I still love experimenting with tops and t-shirts especially. This little project is great for any oversized tank you might have laying around that hasn't gotten any love recently, and showing off your back is totally acceptable now that spring/summer is upon us!

And so here is another one for you my lovelies!

Twist-Tie Racerback

You'll need an oversized tank (This one's a Men's tank from Hurley) and some scissors.

Lay your tank out.

Cut the side all the way from the bottom to the arm hole.

Repeat on the other side.

It should be split completely.

Flip the tank over to the back and twist the back panel from end-to-end.


Like so.

And twist again.


Now take both ends from either side and double knot them at the ends.


Ta-da!! All done! You can make the ties to fit your waist or hips.


Super easy, no? This look is great without anything under it, but go ahead and get creative and layer it how you like! Here I'm wearing a neon racerback bra from Urban Outfitters and a Thrifted Newport maxi skirt.


Kimberly Ovitz




_IGP4545 2





As I was scouring my desktop folders for some inspiration this past week, I was happy to re-visit these shots I took at the Kimberly Ovitz presentation from this past fashion week. One of the great things about the presentation was the actual setting; Kimberly transformed Pace Gallery (one of my favorite housings for fine art in Chelsea) into a viewing realm, situating her round-table ring of models at the center of the spacious gallery, which in-turn, created an orbit of on-lookers.

The garments themselves were wholly fused in technicality and elegance with shocks of yellow and cobalt blue streaked throughout neutrals and jersey panels. I loved the draped knits seen in the last photo. There was this great eeriness about the collection and its presentation, the models loomed over everyone like alien-esque pillars of virtue, decked in draped knits that spilled to the floor and extended to or past their wrists. I know it's far from fall and winter just ended, but it's still nice to grab inspiration from everywhere one can!

{{side news flash!!}}
I just got back from a super short 2-day trip to NYC for an event with one of my absolute favorite designers, Adam Lippes! Photos to come!




Bird by Juicy Couture blazer, vintage bra, Zara pants, Schutz boots

Went with the cropped top/high waisted juxtaposition! Reppelin' it up!
Heya cool cats, Here's an outtake from a shoot Guang and I did for my Elle Girl Japan feature! Get the low-res goodness here


Gearing for Summer



Katherine Kwei Lulu, Vintage hat & Thrifted sunglasses

Ah! First "real" post as De Lune!
I literally just got back from leaving my dorm building in NYC and I'm temporarily back in Buffalo for the summer! It's nice to be home although I do feel super bewildered knowing my freshman year has come to a close!

So what we got here are my three favorite schoolboyish accessories for summer; the hat was an absolute steal from a local thrift store and I love wearing it ironically. My Katherine Kwei Lulu tote is one of those bags that I was a little apprehensive thinking about how to don at first since it's not normally what I go for, but lemme tall ya, I LOVE this bag! For such a small bag, it magically fits my SLR camera, flat wallet, a notebook, pens, lip balm, phone, business cards and some other trinkets with enough room to spare for a granny smith apple (Mmm anyone else just get hungry? No? Okay, moving on...)

btdubs, Katherine is KILLING IT these days with her new spring collection. I went to her spring preview and I was fondling every single bag like I was a mad woman. The new Pebble Donna is so gorgeous it kills me.

Sooo, outfit posts soon once I get my clothes unpacked!


De Lune, Formerly Known as Faboo



It's funny how life changing experiences tend to happen when you least expect it. I started this blog when I was 16 and totally unsure of myself. I was still in high school, and I wasn't even sure if I would enjoy fashion beyond just flipping through magazines and taking out books on design in the library. Two and a half years later, my readers and this blog have helped me realize that my hopes and aspirations lie within the fashion industry, and that journey has been reflected through the dozens of posts I have made through the years. With purpose comes change, and now that I have come full-circle and have returned to New York, I have decided to add a new chapter to this story of self-discovery by revamping the blog's image a bit!

I have decided to change the blog's name to something a little more personal, de Lune, which in French means of the Moon. Any Claire or Clare or Clair out there can probably tell you they've been called "Clair de Lune" at least once in their life after the Debussy piano piece. I have been given that nickname by my family since I was little, and I have decided to use it as a reflection of what this blog means to me and as an exploration of who I am and what fashion means to me and to my readers!

Special thanks to Marisa Todd over at Stylelist for helping me with the layout revamp!

Rest assured, I will not be changing the content of my style posts. It's basically going to be the same blog, but with a change of scenery! Whenever you type in faboo or faboomadness.blogspot.com, you'll just get redirect to De Lune. The name change is more symbolic and I hope you guys like it!

All of you, all of my readers, have shown me what makes me happy more than anything, and it is the greatest gift I have ever been given. Every email, comment, encounter on the street, what have you, has been an unworldly joy. All of you, seriously, are the best.

If anyone has any comments about anything or questions about applying to college, I am more than happy to help out and lend some words. You guys can reach me any time at Morningbell@roadrunner.com
I'm still working on revamping the layout, but let me know how you guys think about the change! I'm excited to see what you all think!

Meet ya at the next post!











Thrifted top & sunglasses, F21 shorts, Lucky Jeans Leather Belt + pouch, ASH boots

The outfit from the outing! Gotta love the "upscaled fanny pack" as Dan likes to call it. Love it or hate it, it's mighty perfect for carrying the essentials: cards, money & phone. You can get something similar here at Blue Planet. To be perfectly honest, my preferred vessel for carrying things is always something that is not really connected to my arms in any way. As you can see from the 3rd photo down, I enjoy having my hands and arms free.

Remember what I said about the blog revamping? Keep your eyes peeled! It's happening this week!


A Day Downtown





IMGP9087 2





IMGP9129 2


Please forgive for these horribly blown-out photos, the former Fine Arts major in me is cringing, but I HAD to show you guys these rings!


IMGP9194 2



Over the weekend I spent the afternoon with Dan just schmoozing around and looking for inspiration. We stopped into Evolution (my 3rd time this week) since Dan had never been in there before and I was finally able to get some proper blog photos to show you guys. Just the perfect balance of eeriness and beauty in one store!

We went on further to get some empanadas (veggie chili is my favorite) and die a little inside as we snooped around and window shopped at All Saints and, Cole Haan and many others. Dan was IN LOVE with those Cole Haan wingtips, lemme tell ya. We later found ourselves near the NYU campus where the absolute BEST rings are sold by this woman who has hundreds of pieces of jewelry from around the world. I got the two rings from this post from her. For those of you in NYC, she's stationed on 8th street and Greene street until "Juneish"

Do you guys have any go-to spots for inspiration where you live? NYC'ers, any other tips ya got? Lemmet hear ya roar! Outfit post to follow :]



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Happy Mother's day, everyone!
I miss my mom a ton! It's tough being away at school and celebrating everything she's done for me without her here. She's my ultimate inspiration and inspired me to embrace fashion. I grew up sitting in the living room with her as we watched clips from fashion week while she noted on the construction of the looks and told me to look at how we live in fabric. Without her, art would not have been as meaningful in my life, and fashion wouldn't be much more than just clothes.

Thanks, Mom!
Hope everyone gets to celebrate in their own special way today!













Cheap Monday Blouse, UO neon bra, Amber Sakai skirt, Intermix bag, Aldo heels, thrifted sunnies, Giles & Brother bolt bangle

Today was a day for finishing flash cards and hopping around the village for arepas, flea market shopping and other normal nonsense.

It was hella warm out so I opted for white. I fell head over heels for this really great top from Cheap Monday when I first saw it. It's angled cut makes it effortlessly cool to wear with jeans or in this case, a full skirt. I really loved how it worked with the Amber Sakai skirt since it fell just at the same length as the back portion of the skirt. Throw on some basic accessories and you're good to go! The bra was just an extra pop to play along with the sheer-y lightness of the top.

My friend Dan is pretty much the closest thing I have to a brother. We bicker constantly and he's the best straight dude to go shopping with. It's been a hell of a weekend for me. My future room mates and I finally got keys to our apartment, until we tried them out and it had turned out that they were cut wrong so we have to wait until tomorrow on that. Other than that though, the weather's been beautiful beyond belief!

16 days of school left and counting!



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