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Whaddup everyone?
This week's installation of FFF comes after an amazingly awesome event I attended in celebration of Benefit Cosmetics' boutique opening in SoHo (note the MAJOR dorkage in photo 4). Now, my theory when it comes to makeup is to wear what flaunts an air of nonexistence, makeup that doesn't look terribly much like, well, makeup!

So after getting my eyebrows shaped (something that I shamefully don't often focus on), I was given a new face with some products that I am probably going to obsess over for quiiiiite some time! Focusing on my dark circles, I was dosed with some really great products that essentially erase the evidence that I have been working on midterms for hours into the night. First I was introduced to the very first eye cream I have ever tried: It's Potent! (literally). I loved the cooling effect, always nice.


Next was the Stay Don't Stray primer for the Boi-ing concealer. The Primer does its job of course, but it's also tinted slightly, which is a plus. And then, I was blown away by the next product, which made my whole face wake up! Love, love, LOVES me some Ooh La La Lift! This brightening booster is amazing on top of concealer, I know I'm always going to have this on me because even if my concealer is lacking at the end of the day, this stuff will pick me right back up! Definitely worth a try.

And the last touches, the What's Up highlighter, which was really nice since I have never really dabbled in using a highlighter, and this guy is double-ended so that it can be applied easily and evenly to the cheekbones and browbones. I got the Cha Cha tint to finally warm up my cheeks and lips and They're Real mascara.


So what did I learn?
-Highlighter is kind of amazing? Putting it on my cheeks or in the corners of my eyes instantly makes me look more awake and alive! I love it!
-My skin tone along with my red hair gets a boost from a peachy tint or blush, the warm tone, well, warms!
-A little Primer goes a loooooooong way. Applying it with your ring finger on your undereye area is prime since it's the weakest finger.

Dudes, I loves me some Benefit! I'm so glad they've made a home here in NYC all the way from their home-base in San Francisco. I really loved exploring a bit more in the realm of skin-perfecting makeup and I hope you guys picked up some tips and tricks yaselves! 


  1. I use Ooh la lift highlighter everyday. I have to say it's great. I don't wear a lot of makeup but getting rid of the dark circles is a must in my book

  2. I loved it! And yes I am the absolute same, I'm a total concealer addict because I look positively dead without it

  3. amazing! you look lovely, I'm a huge fan of the make up-less look as well :)

    XO Sahra
    PS check out the Hallie Friedman giveaway on my blog!

  4. I use Boi-ing concealer everyday! It works wonders!

  5. I like benefit make up! and the first photo of you!! and you red hair is so cute!!
    I follow you!

  6. Love this!!

  7. So geeked that this place is finally open! I've been walking past it since the beginning of summer.


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