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I was recently given the immense privilege of being one in a select few group of bloggers to be given access to the Modellounge; a safe haven for models who are in-between castings and need a place to just seriously chillax and regain balance. But that's not all! There's also a connected studio where workshops are hosted for Fashion week runway classes, Casting director Q&A's and more. I'll give you guys a visual tour one of these days, it's like, both the most relaxing place in the world and the most exciting! To take a peek at what goes on, check out the Modellounge blog!

So since we are at the start of Fashion Week, it's important to prepare. Modellounge and their sponsors created this AMAZING survival/portfolio bag, and it's a total lifesaver, even for someone who isn't a model! You've got your wisps and tic-tacs for when you're meeting new contacts and don't want to smell like a bagel, you've got your Nimble food bars for when you feel like you're going to pass out and you need a healthy option to fill up, A Bikini Trimmer for, well, you know...
Q-tips for everything that needs a fix and Visene for all of the makeup being jammed on your eyes. But that's not all! Here's what Modellounge is sending top models off with for the next upcoming week:


Korres is an amazing sponsor for sure, they totally know what's up! In my experience, Korres products are always gentle and light, CRAZY important, especially if you're a model with sensitive skin.

The face wipes are totally clutch. If you're running to your next show and you need to have a clean slate for new makeup, these will do that AND keep your skin healthy and glowing with extracts and antioxidants & all that. Not only do they smell lovely, they also don't leave your skin feeling kinda tight after you rub them all over your face. We'll see how these hold up against my beloved Pond's wipes, which I've been addicted to for some time now.

Neutrogena's makeup remover pads were also included in the bag, but I'm not nuts about them. It's true that they get tough eye makeup off in like, no time or effort, but they feel greasy and leave a heavy residue that i don't find appealing. For models though, ya kinda need 'em.

The body lotion is a pretty nice addition too. Believe me, after coming home late after a day of basically scaling a vast city, going uptown and downtown constantly, this stuff needs to be slathered on!


Ohhhhh, this is wonderful. Just a touch of color, more like a flush for your lips. This product is a great multi-tasker because if you're looking dead and exhausted from walking around, you can use this on your lips or cheeks to freshen up! I love the coral shade, which I have had before, but this pinky hue looks fresh against spring clothing palates.

IMGP5155 2

This product, The Yoghurt Instant Soothing Gel, is the best damn thing I have put on my face in a while. After washing your face and letting this sink into your skin, it's like you've been touched by Buddha; all stress melts away and your skin is rejuvenated & tingly, but not minty tingly, just wonderful. This is something you NEED after running around shows all day because it's relaxing AND good for you!


All that stuff you're doing to your hair to make it look good for the street photographers is probably not that great for it. For models, when you're getting your hair molded and played with all day, your hair can experience some serious, serious stress and damage. Enter: Redken. Now, I just love this product because it basically fixes my hair when it's dry. Like, poof! It's back to it's swingin' self! But its sole intension is to basically bring your hair back from the dead and protect it from heat damage from styling irons and curlers. This treatment packed with proteins that go in and repair the hair follicle.  Also, it smells like that hair salon that your mom has been going to for years. I don't know why, but that's comforting to me.

I know, I'm weird. Moving on....


Lastly, these buggers. Diddybeats earbuds.
And yeah, I know these aren't a beauty product, but damn they contribute from looking AND feeling less like hell. I pulled these out of my bag and nearly died. Dr.Dre, you are the man for creating some seriously fantastic listening technology. Traveling on the train from show to show is SO stressful for me becuase there is always a lot going through my head: "What homework do I have to do when I get home? What show is after this one? Where am I going? Who is going to be there? Is my camera dying? Did I just miss my stop?" With these, I can MUCH better relax and meditate to the White Album as I go across town.

Now, I know I've written a lot here about how stressful Fashion Week is, but still, Fashion Week is a time of progress and another sort of rejuvenation. You go from show to show, designer to designer, and feel around you as a veil is put over last season, and removed from the next. It's a lot of heavy stuff!
Keeping balanced is so important for everyone every day, even when all the events are over and it's back to work with all the new knowledge gained, it's always nice to pamper yourself after a long day's work. This stuff might just do the trick!


  1. What a great goodie bag full of stuff! I love Korres products..the fact that it's a natural brand is very appealing


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