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When we last left NYFW in Bryant Park during its last run there in September 2009, bare legs, feminine freedom, dusty color and loose waves charged in an ultra-romantic assault on the spiked heel & studded clutch public. The super feminine girl of spring 2010 has grown up for fall, leaving behind those bike shorts and silky bralettes for a looser, more demure silhouette that is something in between completely familiar and completely daring. The collections have been clean, simple, and above all: honest. Honest in the sense that designers really understood that women dress for cold weather like stepping outside is a journey, a battle even, where being sensible is sometimes an option overshadowed by the need to look attractive. Women need real, intelligent options for fall, and their pleas were heard for 2010. Investment dressing is back, and I couldn't be happier.

I am SO pleased with the NYFW collections and I'm so glad American designers have sort of grown out of that ├╝berglam 80's, tightly silhouetted, overdone "de la mode" that was 2009. The collections were wearable and tranquil, colors were serene yet incredibly lush, and lines were classic. And OMGAH you guys, there were SO.MANY.LAYERS. Okay, I'm seriously excited to start talking about this crap so my (actual) rant starts now.

Here's what I loved:

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Peter Som

I'm actually having trouble writing this because Som's collection just made me giddier than a 6 year old in a field of daisies. Although my favorite thing about the NYFW collections was the emphasis of classic, simple lines and savoring what you have (versus the look from spring, at least), Som injected psychedelic colors and incredibly rich textures into the mix. He called his collection "Cuckoo but chic" in its emphasis on escapist sensibility, and it was indeed a wonderful escape.

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Marc Jacobs

Remember what I said about looseness reigning? Marc brought the A-line thunder for fall and gave everyone the warm fuzzies. "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" swooned and floated as it played in the background, the models were "unwrapped" by Mr.Jacobs as he tore apart brown paper that encased the girls in a box. Just complete romance, the feeling of coming home after a journey. Very vintage 70's, but also very girly. Je'taime.

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Vena Cava

I thought this was a very New York collection. Again, not a whole lot of color, a lot of beiges and grays. I'm not head over heels about this collection, but it was nice. Actually, when this collection debuted during the start of fashion week, I started noticing this "touch of fur" trend. You'll notice this season was not kind to the PETA pleas of dropping fur as a dressing option, fur was EVERYWHERE.

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Richard Chai Love

Gray.Lots of it. These pieces rocked my socks. I LOVE the white boots. Like, crazies. The sparkle was nice against the wools and knits played up with flowy chiffon bottoms.

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Asymmetry reigned supreme in Yamamoto land as it usually does. This awesome collection had all the typical Yohji Yamamoto stand-bys, from dark humor, proportion challenges and dropped crotches, it was all there.

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Derek Lam

Yo, Derek, like, thumbs up on the Camel coats, man. And speaking of coats, another trend to look out for (#2): shearling aviator coats. I swear it felt like every collection had a different version of it, and I think it's an incredibly smart piece to own.

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Calvin Klein

While layer upon layer piled up in most of the collections in NYC, Francisco Costa brought refreshing beauty through his signature minimalism. The looks were sleek, I got a slight YSL vibe off of some of them, and every piece was strong, confident and definitely focused on line rather than color.

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Michael Kors

This was the ultimate in examples of sexy sportswear, the masc/fem look, luxury and glamour. Kors explained how this was a collection inspired by a photo of Lisa Taylor and how effortlessly sexy she looked with her hair a mess and her clothes a little loose. These were pieces that everybody has in their closets, but Kors manages to remind people of what they want. These were far and away the sexiest looks of NYFW.

Other notes:

-I really loved the inspiration at Rodarte: the dark spans of the Mexican border, the notion of seeing ghosts. It was really romantic.

-"Snooki bumps" at Vera Wang. Why?

-Isaac Mizrahi had my vote for best use of sparkle

-Alexander McQueen's last collection will be shown on March 9th :/

So that's that, after 5 hours of gathering thoughts and looking through dozens of collections, I look like this:

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I do this because I love it. Have an awesome week everyone!!


Rhymes With Orange


Just got back from another NYC trip. I'll have photos when I can get them recovered on my memory card (why does technology hate me so?).




Wetseal vest, Gap (thrifted) cargo dress, ?? sweater tights, MIA wedges, Jcrew wool socks

I don't know about you, but I am getting super anxious for spring to roll around already! I'm slowly mentally preparing myself for gorgeous pastels and a pop of color here & there. I don't normally wear makeup, but every once in a while I'll whip out some crazy lipstick just for fun to contrast a very minimal eye.

Covergirl Incredifull Lipcolor- #960 Honey Rose

Expect an NYFW Fall 2010 roundup in the next post because I need to rant and rave over how in love I am with Peter Som's collection


And now, a lengthy post on something I never thought would happen to me


My dear Readers, you may have noticed a new link in my sidebar resembling a curious magazine feature:

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Okay, so here's le scoop:

Just after the Weardrobe bloggers' Conference had ended, Jessica of WhatIWore referred me to a calling Seventeen Magazine was holding for their style council; which is basically a panel of stylish girls who contribute to the magazine with style tips and other bits of fashion-related curiosities. In all honesty, I had submitted my application thingy just for the hell of it with little hope I would be chosen since I just have this horrid complex of not believing in myself when national publications are involved.

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Please excuse the exceptionally crappy scan. I wish you could see my brogues in the first photo a little better along with the vintage scarf and broaches I made in better detail, but life goes on.

I hadn't picked up an issue of Seventeen since I was about 14, so this was a pretty interesting experience. I got to meet the AMAZING staff and work inside the Hearst building where all of the Hearst publications are produced (Esquire,Marie Claire, Redbook, etc.).
((thanks to Sammy for the clarification!))

So, what I have posted below me is a video that I shot and edited myself for Seventeen. I was asked to give an introduction on myself and show off my closets.

I'm just warning you though, I'm pretty good at making a complete ass of myself (as you will see) ENJOY!

I am such a dingbat.

Fun facts about this video:

-This is the first video I have ever shot/edited myself, it took me 4 hours to finish.

-The first shots are in my 3rd floor studio/attic/wreck-room where I shoot most of my blog photos. I pretty much live in my studio, I actually sleep up there and not in my bedroom.

-The I Heart NY poster was given to me the first year I moved to Buffalo. I miss NYC terribly and I keep it up as a reminder of where my roots are.

-The mannequin in my room is from the Pottery Barn circa 2004, it eerily has the same measurements as me.

We are featured in the March issue (The one with Lauren Conrad on the cover) on page 46 & it's out on newsstands now should you ever wanna see the girls for yourself!

My next feature in Seventeen will be in the May issue and the June/July issue. In the meanby, I will be blogging on the Style Council's section of Seventeen's website!

Something is Missing


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Claire knows love and its name is....


I love Riccardo Tisci. There. I said it.
I love his work at Givenchy, I love his work in A Magazine, and I adore his blog.
As the youngest Couturier in history (he began his work with Givenchy when he was 28{learn mere here}), he not only amazes with his talent, he amazes with his sheer understanding of what haute couture is supposed to be; extravagant, ethereal, and beyond worth an extreme investment.

Okay, so my point here is that his couture collection was my favorite of the week in Paris.

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I really loved the makeup too, bleached brows and all

Don't get me wrong, Chanel, Dior and Armani Priv├ę were also fabulous as they always are (Armani's inspiration from the moon was quite romantic), but my love for Givenchy is STRONG,BABY!

Outfit posts will happen during the week, just had to get this out there :]



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